Thats it..... the end of September OBC-BU session. Today was the 12th, the last session of the month and my 4th day being ciggie-free. Noticeable differences on Day-4...? It feels good to be lunch-ing in an air-condition restaurant instead of the no-aircond smoking section and my comrade John Chuah suddenly disappeared from training!??? I mean.. since I stop smoking, John Chuah stop exercising??? Maybe he freak out and felt pressure to divorce his faithful affair with Ms Ciggie. Maybe John Chuah is accumulating FAT and stop exercising to gain as much fat for the Sunday pre-challenge PHOTO-SHOOT... So many maybe's...

So far the bandwagon still maintain 6 smoke-free passengers without any dropout. Not many dare to take the challenge to stop smoking but we have more passengers who took up the OBC 8-Week challenge to win RM15,000!!

In preparation for the NEWTON 25KM race this coming Sunday, Sarge Dann prepared a cardio workout as a closure for the month.

It all began with run around the neighborhood after the warm up session and the fastest runner await for others in squat hold position to contract the leg muscle for the next exercise. We moved on the football field and was paired on partner-base for a sprinting circuit.

The first sprint requires the runner to sprint 20 stride forward to the green cone and bear-crawl from the green cone to the red cone. There were 3 stations on sprint and 3 stations on bear-crawl before we made a U-turn and repeat the sprint cum bear-crawl and tap the partner at the starting point.

While waiting for the runner, the partner had to perform Grunts!! endless grunts until he/she is tapped.

After 10 minutes of sprint/bearwalk/Grunts, we had a luxury 60 seconds water break and the circuit continues with another sets of sprinting but instead of bear walk, we had to drop chest down into the mud, then turn with back lying on ground and getup to sprint to the next cone. While waiting for the runner to return & tap, the partner performed mountain climbers.

Maybe its the cigarette-free period but there was no heart-exploding moment while sprinting. Infact, the circuit felt quite easy (you hear that Chun Chia Kai? *stick tongue out*).

After the sprint/drop-chest-back/sprint, the session ended with four sets of Cardio  Dancing  Cadence. The first set on Star Jump, then the Seal Jack followed by Cross-Country and the Mountain Climbers.

When the session ended, we all took shower at Bandar Utama WATERFALL!!!!! okay la.. WATER-PIPE-FALL..

James Fong getting a back scrub from Sandy Roberts... grrrr not fair!

Joe Liew: please see my picture now.. in 8-week, it will be totally different

Nawal Aini Zulkifli & Yam Chan Siu Cheh... poll dancing without the poll?

Ju Kuang Tan turned red?

 Jam & Yam??

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to hundreds of calories and fat before the photo-shoot on Sunday for the 8-Week Challenge and probably a few thousand calories during the Newton 25km race.

To add on some extra kilos for the Newton race and the photo-shoot, lets carbo/fat load tomorrow at the OBC-BU graduation & Eid celebration.... For direction and details, call our sexy, single and pretty call- girl  centre at 017-379 5988.


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