Food, food, food.... guilty as charge!! especially during the Hari Raya but fortunate for us, we have Sarge Dann to make sure those food did not turn to fat. Sarge Dann woke us up this morning with 100 Grunts!!! No it was not for punishment but he knew someOne ate a little too much last night.... and No we could not cheat because it was prescribed in 10 installments with barely 5 seconds rest in between. If only the installment could be extended to a few days (wishful thinking!)...

Since it is Hari Raya, Sarge Dann gave a discount angpaw....  Ranger was given 40% discount and did 6 repetitions of 10 sets, Seal had 20% discount with 8 repetitions @ 10 sets but Delta.. no discount 10 repetitions for 10 sets!

That was the only discount. After that, in a team of five, we had the drop dead gorgeous run. I mean.. Drop Dead Gorgeous Run!!!  Our team comprised of Chun Chia Kai, Scott Mc Donough, Farhanah Bamadhaj, andYvonne Ling Sze Chen was parked at point 12 O'clock of a big circle ala a Clock. other team members were at different clock-point.. 9.. 6.. 3.. 1.. et cetera...

At start, every team together had to run to the nearest station and drop dead with chest on the ground, get up to the next station and dropped dead again... and so forth. Whilst running and keep dropping dead, we had to chase the next team and tap them to give them a good 10 Grunts.

Dropped with chest on the ground...

We tapped the front team once... but had to share their 10 grunts punishment when one of our team members was left behind. We were also tapped once by the team that chased us and had to do 10 Grunts as punishment.

James Fong summarized it in one sentence. "We had more than a 'century of Grunts... Pengsan" while Joe Liew was happy with the 110 Grunts for breakfast... Grunts for breakfast? Woww..

The session was Grunt'abulous. We were soaked wet in sweat, speechless and energy-less at the end of the session but someOne still had the energy to bath together at a small waterfall at OBC-BU....?

Err Chun.. dont be jealous... (James!! Why you rubbing Joe Liew's back?)

Thank god.. the session burnt the food overdosed at Adibah Syazni's open house last night!!!

Thank you Adibah Syazni for the yummilicious food!!! and thank you Sarge Dann for burning away that food!!

Now.... which recruit's house is next? Ilyanna Aylin Ayob........... We're coming!!!!!!


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