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Picture on left is my cousin Eddie Putera Noordin.. he is the President of SMOKERS CLUB and I 'was' a lifetime honorary deputy!! Although his Smokers Club membership is still growing... the Smokers Club is now deprived of 6 members.

The infant smoke-free bandwagon now comprised of 6 passengers..... Azhar Sulaiman, Kamsani Ahmad, Joe Liew Law Yoong, Zaiem Razak and Shear Ling Toh (and me). Day 3 feels abit agitated with surroundings but Munch-the-Kuaci-advice worked and soon Kuaci (sunflower seed) will be scarce in Kuala Lumpur... Joe Liew had already clean sweep the Kuaci supplies in Cheras.

Zaiem Razak took his mind off cigarette by 'running' as in he will put on his running shoe and start running everytime the urge surface. I reckon, he will be running every few hours if not every few minutes. Kamsani Ahmad... probably is screaming at all Proton Edar marketing department in ciggie-deprived-mode. Azhar Sulaiman & me.... so far so good. We found an alternative to the sucking-habit... tar & carbon monoxide free.

Day 3, the nose became sharper. The smallest of smell is so obvious. Everything smells so delicious... Can even smell own body odour.... Eew.....  but the food....... can sense it from miles away!! STARVING all the time!!!

They say.. the first week will be the hardest!! In fact, Raja Rahman Mansor in support to our smoke-free bandwagon effort had committed a daily 'motivation-words' on facebook

Infact, every family members, relatives and friends has been very supportive in our attempt to quit smoking. When Azhar Sulaiman & me announced our intention to QUIT-SMOKING three days ago... there were 72 comments and endless support from everybody.

Thank you for all the support..... Insya Allah, the Smoke-Free bandwagon will be permanent and continuously growing.

Hop-on the bandwagon.. Lets do this together



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