3 SEPTEMBER 2010. If there was a moment when Sarge Dann was hyper and mega active.. it must be today!! The Australian must have brainwashed him during the Hell Week and he came back... ever increasingly super duper hyper active...

..and if there was a day that is the hottest day while training, it must be today too. The heat from the sun at 6:15pm was unprecedented, we felt as if we were training in the hot afternoon.

The combination of a super mad hyper Sergeant and a boiling hot day.... was gila babi crazy letih nak mampus (hard to translate) very fun and exciting.

Sarge Dann introduced the circuit today with the ANALOG CLOCK-RUN... The circuit that comprised of a 100 meter circle ala a Clock, began with a normal jog from the center to a spontaneous shout of 12 O'clock, 6 O'clock etc etc.. once the time is shouted, all recruits need to run towards the imaginary number @ Clock 12, 6 etc.. 

From the inside-Clock runs & bear crawls, we took turn on partner-base running-in-various styles around the clock. Its so inspiring to see everybody, although completely drained from puasa but they did not give up.... except Afiza Abdul Halin.. whom stood strongest with the best form while working out. Azman Dahlan ran the last round with me... without walking, Well Done.

The session ended with Catch-the-Sarge run. On the Count of three... the whole platoon had to chase Sarge Dann and only when anyone can tap Sarge Dann, then the session shall end.

Scott from BU-Alpha platoon gentlement-ly tap Sarge Dann.. nice and slow... Viki Lim BU-Bravo slapped Sarge Dann's neck after a sprint chasing him...  but Mohd Arief Mokhsien BODY-SLAM Sarge until the hat fly-off, after a long chase.

Literally bloody hyper... never had any trainers anywhere asked the whole platoon to chase and challenge him but that is how trainers at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP are... they maintained superiority in fitness, strength and health compare to their recruits.


P/s- Sarge, now digital clock is more popular than analog :-p 

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