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Question 1: How much in total does the whole 8-Week Challenge program cost?

Answer: The fee for the challenge is only RM70.00 but it is compulsory for all participants to enroll for both October & November 2010 session which is only RM299 per month of 12 sessions. So the total cost will be RM70 + RM299 + RM299 which must be pay on or before the 27 September 2010.

Question 2: What if I will be travelling during the 8-Week challenge and could not attend the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP SESSION?

Answer: They can still sign up, and they can implement the INFERNO training program while they are travelling. INFERNO training programme is a new home based Metabolic Acceleration program that soon to be release. Challenge participants will receive an 8 week excerpt from the program to boost their results.

Question 3: Is it compulsory to attend all the 12 sessions in October & November to win the RM15,000 prize?

Answer: No it is not compulsory but it is encouraged since all sessions are scientifically design to achieve maximum result.

Question 4: Is it compulsory to take photo on Sunday, 26 September 2010 as an entry pre-condition?

Answer: Yes, it is compulsory. The winner will be part-assessed on the improvement pre and post 8-Week Challenge pictures.

Question 5: Where do I download the Challenge-Form?

Answer: You will receive an email on Friday 24 September 2010 outlining how to complete the Pre-Challenge Participation Form, how to take your Pre-Challenge Photos, and how to load them onto our website.

Question 6: When will we receive the 8 week dietary program?

Answer: You will also receive access to BOTH the Gladiator Diet™ excerpt, as well as the 8 Week excerpt from Chief's INFERNO™ home training system on the same date- Friday 24 September 2010.

Question 7: What are the assessment criteria to win the challenge?

Answer: The winner is based on Best Pre & post Photo with Most improved Statistics as submitted in the Pre-Challenge participation Form.

Question 8: When is the DEADLINE for registration

Answer: All Entry must be submitted before 11:59pm on Wednesday, 29 September 2010. The entry submission must include: 

(1) the pre-challenge form,  
(2) upload your photos (holding the Sunday 26 September 2010 newspaper)
(3) Record of your first month benchmark assessment time to be done on 27 September 2010.

Question 9: Are trainers/instructors allowed to participate in the challenge?

Answer: Yes, trainers and instructors are allowed to participate but will not be eligible for any prizes. Trainers participation in the challenge (together with recruits) will further foster the spirit of team camaraderie. At the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama, it is compulsory for all instructors to always train with recruits even without the 8-Week Challenge.

Question 10: What are other Terms & Conditions of the 8-Week Challenge?

Answer: The terms & conditions are posted at bottom page.

Question 11: Will there be one winner from each country? or only one winner for the whole OBC network?

Answer: There will be ONE WINNER & ONE RUNNER UP for the whole OBC Network.

Question 12: I cant seem to make payment for the RM70 being the 8-Week Challenge fees by credit card.

Answer: To make payment by credit card, you must register and open a PAY PAL ACCOUNT FIRST. It is an easy to open account. If problem persist, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA will facilitate the payment to OBC-HQ for the 8-week challenge. Please drop a message.

Entry Requirements
  • The Pre-Challenge Participation Form will require you to submit full-length Pre-Challenge Photographs showing front and side views, holding a newspaper corresponding to the Sunday prior to Day One of your October ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP - Corps Training program.
  • The Pre-Challenge Participation Form will require you to enter your scores for both the Benchmark Workout and 1 Mile Time Trial from Day One of the October program.
  • To remain eligible for the grand prize, you must complete the online Mid-Challenge Update Form at the end of your first 4 weeks of training. The update must be submitted with full-length Mid-Challenge Photographs showing front and side views, holding a newspaper corresponding to the Sunday prior to Day One of your November ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program.
  • To complete your entry, fill in our online Post-Challenge Form and upload your Post-Challenge Photographs, showing front and side views, holding a newspaper corresponding to the Sunday directly after the finishing date of your OBC 8 Week Challenge. Entries must be submitted by close of business on Monday 29th November 2010.
Entrants must not
  • Be employed as a personal trainer, fitness trainer or military physical trainer.
  • Be sponsored by a commercial enterprise to take part in the competition.
  • Take any banned substances during the 8-week period of the Challenge.
  • Promote any other program, product, company or person as having assisted them in achieving their 8 Week Challenge goals.
  • Be participants at any other outdoor fitness or bootcamp fitness program.
  • Finalists will be chosen based on votes logged on the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP social networking site www.Hooyah.net .
  • The Challenge Champion and Runner Up will be chosen by a judging panel consisting of members of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Franchise Representative Council, as well as the company's Directors and Management Team.
  • The Judges' decision will be final, and not open to contestion.
  • The Challenge Champion's Prize - RM15,000 Cash + additional prizes (to be announced)
  • Runner Up's Prize - (to be announced)
  • ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is the promoter of the Spring Into Summer 8 Week Challenge. Employees of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP and their immediate families are not eligible to enter the competition. The promoter's decision will be final where disputes arise.
Images, Video and Testimonials

  • ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP reserves the right to use any images, video footage and/ or testimonials submitted by the finalists as part of their application, for future marketing.

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