1 September 2010. What can you expect to get from a Sarge that had just graduated from Hell Week? ...HELL!! plain and simple. How else to burn the extra calories if not through sheer hell?

As I arrived at ZULU, everybody were doing Grunts... I learned a shortwhile later that the Grunts was compliment from the King.. Jun King for being late. He figured, we could all do with extra workout.

There were a few sets of mini Grinders before an off-site running!!! 

First come first serve too.. was one of the principle adopted while training. The first to arrived will get the prestigious push-up position-wait while waiting for all recruits to arrived. Recruits that arrived late, will miss that 'chest and core tightening' session.

Lunges.. or an ass (Glut) tightening workout was also part TABATA workout.

 Mohd Arief Mokhsein...
 Sandy Roberts..
Sarge Dann inspecting the recruits form and techniques..

 Nawal Aini Zulkifli.. soaked in sweat...

Azman Dahlan performing a perfect lunges...

Rose Emini Pahamin.... lost weight!!!! looking so thin..... or maybe it was my paparazzi skill that made her look thin..... Harley Liza perfect Lunges!!!

There was also the TABLE-TOP workout..

Sarge Dann correcting a recruit's form... Proper form and technique must always be observe.

There were endless workout thereafter.. but before the closing workout for the day, the ZULUs had a cardio cadence on TABATA to built the appetite for dinner/ break fast...


As always... the session ended with Sarge Dann loud scream.. "If you had a good session, lets hear a big hooyah on the count of 3.. 2.. 1.... and everybody screamed....


and we all packed to go home.. today's break fast menu... KETAM!!!! CRAB... oh crap.. I am starving...

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