I bought my first Tag Heuer eye-wear model TRACK FTH 7201-004 when my eye was infected with bad infection, at the OPTICAL 88 located at the Curve Mutiara Damansara on 22 December 2008 (Invoice No: RSML 09-6862. Since then, I brought and bought the same brand for Nawal Aini Zulkifli and Rose Emini Pahamin as well as recommended a few other friends to the same shop, OPTICAL 88.

What was never made known at the point of purchase was the damn expensive TAG HEUER spec was easily broken and it takes too long to claim warranty. If this were to be PROTON, it would have been on the front page of every newspaper.

 was the proud owner of the above 7201-004 Tag Heuer 7 Series

Why that Tag Heuer 7000-Series spectacle that cost RRP RM1,800 per pair without the lense? It was primarily due its 'Daring Sports offer'.. or that is what it was made to be known.  Being active in sport and an avid outdoor outgoing person, the Tag Heuer 7000-Series fit the profile and of course the name TAG HEUER made alot of different.

The exorbitant price came with a 2-year warranty and barely 2 years old, my drop dead gorgeous Tag Heuer spec dropped dead... due to broken right hinges (or what they call the 'temple'). prognosis- broken rusty screw.

I send the spec to OPTICAL 88 for warranty claim on 9 August 2010 and Alice, the Manager-in-charge informed the following:

1) The broken TAG HEUER needed to be sent to Head Office before she can confirm the warranty approval (i had to agree though it was obvious the spec was broken due to the rusted screw)

2) It will take 2-4 weeks ONLY to get the status (if warranty approve or not)

3) once approved, the warranty claim will take another 1 month.. so total waiting time is 2 MONTHS.

but Alice quickly note she will treat my spec as priority... or VIP.. or urgent.. something like that. Bearing that, I did not make much of a fuss and took the warranty claim slip below:

A week later, Alice called me and requested to bring the "Warranty-Card" for HQ to start processing. "No Warranty Card- No Claim: TAG HEUER POLICY!!"

A week wasted without any processing because the Warranty Card was NOT REQUESTED earlier and.....Warranty Card? Who kept Warranty Card nowadays.. The advancement of technology records every serial number, warranty details online... Fortunately, the 18 months old warranty card was safely kept in my drawer and I submitted the card to OPTICAL 88 the next day.

Last week, I receive a call from OPTICAL 88 and was inform the status of my Warranty Claim as 'Approved'.. but had to wait another 1 to 2 months!! TAG HEUER POLICY!!

At the point of writing, I am still searching for MAIN Tag Heuer contact email or number to complain. I found their official website HERE.  It is truely unbecoming for an establish brand such as TAG HEUER to take 1 month just to approve/reject a warranty and another month to claim especially with such an expensive price. Will blog the complain letter to Tag Heuer (once I found the contact) and probably to the media too so we can exercise our rights in deciding which eye-wear to buy.

If I knew this service by TAG HEUER, I would not have bought the spec nor would I recommend anybody to buy. That being said, Alice and her staff at OPTICAL 88 has been very helpful.

maybe we should tag TAG HEUER with the tagline 2 MONTHS WARRANTY CLAIM MAYBE GUARANTEE.. ridiculous!!



  1. Bro !!

    What's stupid policy of the company huh ? .... I feel frustrated for you too..... !!! What they want to sell the spec, the treat us so good, offer this and that ..but after we bought it, they become the boss ! I hate that too . such a poor service ><"

  2. Anon,

    It is frustrating.. its been almost a month.. will keep you posted on the actual time-taken for the claim.

  3. Mines, watch .takes 6 month++. On servIce . So I have 2 instead. It's a delicate brand, its need services after hrs of using. But you did had your Time together.

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