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Congratulation to the following former and existing recruits at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama for registering (but DNS with Honour), attempting (but DNF with pride) and completing (with orgasm) the NEWTON 25KM RACE...

1) Sandy Roberts 25km (2:21:25)
2) Chun Chia Kai 25km
3) Yum Kin Kok YKK 25km
4) Nyna Mohsen 25km
5) Rose Emini Pahamin 25km
6) Nawal Aini Zulkifli 25km
7) Vivien Luyen Ow 25km
8) Ilyanna Aylin Ayob 25km
9) Nawal Aini Zulkifli 25km
10) Viki Lim
11) Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor 25km 
12) Armin Baniaz Pahamin 25km
13) Daing Daniel Fitri 12km
14) Nurfuadi Ruzalli 12km
15) John Chuah 12km
16) Freda Liu 12km
17) Yvonne 12km
18) Norliza Mohd Khalid 12km
19) Dayang Norrafida 12km
20) Tricia Frederick 12km
21) Viki Lim 12km
22) Suriana Saiful Yazan 12km
23) Lilian Lee
24) RJ Rahman Mansor
25) Mathilda Abbie
26) Ryan Wong
(I hope I didnt miss anyone else from OBC-BU)

Me, Syed 'Adabi' Mahadzir Syed Manshor, RJ Rahman had a bad premonition of the Newton run and decided to run away from the Newton.. The Newton Race was a major & horrible disaster!!! true enough... There were no mileage marker (except for the last 5km), no lighting & everything was in complete darkness at start guided only by passing car headlamps, major lack of water supplies - runners even snatched water from other runners at the water stations. Under the hot weather, water hydration is the most important thing!!! Inexperience organiser? very badly organised!!!

Of the many runners above, we had 2 Virgin-Runners whom ran and completed their first race... Dayang Norrafida and Norliza MOhd Khalid and one Virgin-Medal John Chuah, whom received his first finisher medal after running a few races.

With so many recruits still recovering from the Newton race, Sarge Dann postponed the Benchmark assessment to Wednesday and we had the introduction to the fundamental workout and form today... especially important to the new comers to avoid unnecessary injuries!! Sarge Dann was assisted by Corporal Sandy and LC Nawal. The targeted muscle group was the chest, lower body and abs as well as cardio to start elevating the heart rate for fat-burning.

The circuit comprised five sets of Chest workout & Sprint, five sets of Lower Body & Sprint and another five sets of Abs & Sprint with the Delta starting only with 8 repetitions, 4 reps for Seals and 2 reps for Rangers & new recruits. The repetition was increased by an additional 2 repetitions at each sets.

The first part comprised of the Military pushup & Sprint, Military situps & Sprint and Grunts & Sprint before a short 30 seconds water break. We then continued for Part 2 with Kingkong Pushup & Sprint, Touches de Shoe Crunch & Sprint and Stuter Squat & sprint with similar increasing repetitions.

The last circuit, the newcomers were introduced to the TABATA. TABATA is a workout performed for 8 sets of non-stop 20 seconds workout and only 10 second rest.

As today is the first Day of OBC'S 8-WEEK CHALLENGE, we experiemented Gunny Emily's diet recipe... and ON MY GOD!!!! its YUMMILICIOUS!!!

We had the Turkey Meatballs with Garlic Dipping, Grill Halibut, Gladiator Cup Cakes, Turkey Omellete with no-fat Ricotta Cheese and Salmon Omellete with Oregano leaves. Of course, I did not cook.. I am incharge of the Eating Department... I eat whatever is being served.

Although various attempt to sabotage the First Day Diet by ..... ehem ehem.... but the super kiasu recruit became stricter with their diet... ! Good Luck to all the contestant of the 8-WEEK CHALLENGE.. if there is one friendly advice from me... just eat whatever you want to eat.. life is too short!!!  ......THAT WAY I CAN WIN THE CHALLENGE & RM15,000 HAH!! :-p (JOKING YA!!)

On a serious note.. we can do this!!! lets do it!!! only 8 - WEEK!!!

p/s- 7 days NO-CIGARETTE!!! YAHOO

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  1. the food looks good, especially the turkey meatballs. must try this at home!

  2. Ian...
    its diet food!!! we are all into this 8-week challenge.. ;-)


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