We fought our way through to better health and fitness the Spartacus way today!! or thats how it felt like being high on adrenaline.

There were no late comers and although we had a few dozen recruits at Alpha but there were no sign of Otai Joe Liew, Kenix Lim and leesa Tan. Maybe they were still busy celebrating Hari Raya. Our session began with a partner base Fire and Movement circuit that require Partner-A to run 5 step forward, dropped chest down while Partner-B run towards partner A and dropped chest down too and so forth. The Fire and Movement circuit is a mock military section assault where one soldier move forward while the other partner on standby to shoot. We did four laps of Fire & Movement from one football goal post to the other goal post. The intensity was increased on the third lap where we had to dropped chest down at every three steps instead of five.

After that intense Fire & Movement circuit... From across the football field, we had a five team member orgy with tyre!!  Damn lucky fat ugly tyre!! We held the tyre up on all five shoulders, went down on one knee, followed by another knee and up again and again... up down up down style. Its a workout of a kind that left John Chuah fantasizing for more... The workout is to condition and firm up the glut and hip.

The last circuit was the Spartacus race.. Oh well its not the real name.. but it felt like it. We took turn being a General ala Spartacus on a cart. The General, being the lazy ass he was, stood on a cart that was pulled by 4 god damn strong, handsome and sexy pariahs.

Of course I was one of the pariahs alongside Dr Malek Aziz, Mohd Arief Mokhsein, Tan Ju kwang & Syed Mahadzir.

The pariahs had to pull the General from one football end to the other and back to starting position where each pariah took turn to be the General. I forgo the chance to be a General and allowed Dr Malek Aziz to be a General twice to avoid his back injuries from worsening.

When the adrenalin and endorphin subsides... reality kicked in. We were pulling our recruit on one damn obese & heavy tyre with a rope on a flooded football field.

So much for Spartacus but it was a heckuva damn good workout.

There goes the Squeezed Rice (Nasi Himpit), Lemang & 3 types of Rendang from Dr Malek Aziz's house last night.


P/s- Which house are we suppose to go next?

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