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Who says Halloween is for kids.. or err.. Maybe we shall rephrase it to 'Who says adult do not celebrate Halloween costume party?' .....yes we do especially at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. In fact, we do not need any reason to partay as Doc Malek always say!! But we do have a good reason to party!!! Why? because being consistent especially in caring for our health is a challenging effort and to take the first step in exercising is in itself already a good reason to celebrate but completing a whole month of sweating out, three times a week deserves a good feast and the theme for the September graduation party is yess.. HANTU-ween.. i mean Halloween!! Because all of us is a hantu in various form.. me for one is a Hantu Durian.. and oso hantu cendol!!

In line with our Hantu theme, most of us came well-dressed as hantu.. except for a few recruits who came as themselves because they are already a hantu? The Chief's Original Bootcamp graduation party was held at the new Tony Romas at Mt Kiara and I came as the modern Vampire Edward Cullen... modified into the colourful version of course! While Dixon Thum from USJ platoon came almost identical to the pale looking no-blood Edward Cullen and he brought with him his version of Bella Swan. Although all the hantu(s) exercises three times a week, they still look scary!! There were Hantu Cina, Hantu mat salleh, old Hantu and young hantu... a good 1Hantu day. (Hantu = Ghost) (Click on picture to enlarge)

But because those hantu(s) all exercise regularly and sometimes they even run marathons, some of them did not look scary at all but adorable instead

There is also a sexy hantu...

Naturally, when hantu(s) goes to the Chief's bootcamp.. they became adorable instead of scary!! But when some hantu had an exercise overdosed, they became funny hantu and instead of having 6 pack abs, he grew 4 tits abs... alamak!

There's also the Hantu Macho!

and also Hantu Comel

The hantu(s) all had different characters and different results from exercising but their common trait is in Hantu-posing.. ie camwhores!! so before the function began, all that they do was camwhoring..

The Choong Sista!! Bobee & June

Aaraf Armin trick or treat..

In just a short moment, the place was packed with bootcampers... from the expected and prepared for 60 seats, we had to add on another 4 tables with an approximate number of guests exceeding 100.


The oldest recruits at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP aged 57 & 58!! Warga Berlian!

Sometimes when you have too many 'late-comers' and endless number of Grunts.. your legs will become like this........ 

 When that happens.. only one person can still smile! Master diver Suriana Saiful

If there is one great testimony of a recruit that had achieve so much.. it must be from Advance Tan!! Advance had shrunk twice the size since he joined the COBC.

Surani Ahmad

Corp (COBC) Chun & Advance Tan
Lorrine C. Xavier

Mohamad Fazli!! One of our best candidate to win the RM15,000 8 Weeks Challenge!!


With all sort and types of Hantu, we could not help but to get nominations from the floor for the Mr & Mrs Hantu.. eh Mr & Mrs Halloween

There were 3 nominations for male Hantu and 3 nominations for female hantu. The nominees were........ jeng jeng jeng...

After the nominees were introduced, they were hidden for a hand-count voting!!! The hantus were in suspense.

The voting was via handcount. 

When all the voting was counted.. our Masters of Ceremony Farhanah Bamadhaj announced the winner..

Mr Halloween for 2011 goes to......

MRS HALLOWEEN FOR 2011 goes to....

Before the party ended, we celebrated recruits that celebrated their birthday in October!!! the October babies were....

Of course they had to be on COBC Birthday Style on Squat Hold position while we sang..


and just to pissed them off with a longer squat hold position, we sang another round.. and they got to be on Squat Hold longer....


For the list of all 100% Attendance, 100% Commitment and 100% Effort (ACE), as well as those voted for as September's Spirits of Bootcamp...... Stay Tuned for the next blog.... If there is one thing beside exercising... or err.. maybe two things beside exercising and camwhoring that recruits do best... it must be the party!!! Work hard, Exercise hard.. and PLAY HARD!!



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