Every year we celebrate the Valentine's day, Mother's day, Father's Day, Birthdays yadaa yadaa but what we never celebrate is the Friend's Day except if you are part of the Chief's circle. At the Chief's bootcamp every third Friday at Bandar Utama and Damansara Heights and the third Saturday at Subang Jaya USJ1 (every 9th session), we do just that!.. we celebrate the Friends! so today, being the 9th session for the month of October, we brought along the person whom had pissed and annoyed us stood by us through thick and thin, to the world oldest 20 years old military inspired program to take the first step into a healthier, fitter and sexier lifestyle!!

Why? because we want them tortured care for their well being. There is no better way to show our care and concern than to influence our friends to take care of their health. Do not wait until you/your friends received the hamper of life that consists of high-cholestrol, diabetic, gout, high blood etc etc before you realize that you need to start exercising. Prevention is always better than cure. So many of us brought along our friends on the Chief's Bring A Friend Day this morning.

What was prepared for them friends on the monthly Friend's Day? hehhee... yes.. Mohamad Fazli's favourite TABATA workout that focused on specific muscle group while challenging the stamina. We had the TABATA with rifle and with sandbag for a toner and sexier legs, for a better cut shoulder, for a firmer chest, tighter stomach and a good fat burn for an overall lean physique. The TABATA is good for the rangers to focus on forms, the Seal to build repetitions on forms and the Delta to speed up workout with perfect forms and high repetitions.

The enthusiasm in our recruits were running high at the end of the 3rd week with Angela Loo cycling for the first time to the COBC with her foldable bicycle from Damansara Perdana and Mohamad Fazli on his 4 wheels with engine machine. A few recruits were upgraded to Delta from Seal for the muscle pumping workout and those were non other than the two otais Mohamad Fazli and Rienna Choo. 

BU-alpha also received recruits from USJ1 platoon Dixom Thum, Tan Mein Mein and Lick Hau Loo infact, once you are a member at one platoon, you can have your missed sessions replaced at any of the 12 platoons in Klang Valley and Penang or even in any of more than a hundred platoons in Australia. Oh Heck.. if you have the excess energy, come join us at any of the 12 platoons in Malaysia even if it exceeded the 12 sessions per month that you have paid for (but please inform admin or your lead instructor first). If you have the energy and the spirit, we are here to get the best out of you. As such, I am inviting all recruits at all COBC platoons to try out all our new locations typically Ampang, Cyberjaya, Shah Alam and Penang. Pay for one platoon and go to any of the twelves... Pay for One and One for All!!

Last but not least, I hear rumors our founder the world reknown fitness Guru Chief Brabon & the lovely Gunny Emily will be here to conduct a running clinic and instruct a one-off 3 hours hardcore session soon. Woww.. Lets celebrate it with a big huge Durian!!

For more information, Stay Tuned to STAY TUNE!!!