Last year on 21 September 2010 I ended my 20 years of relationship with her... of course I blogged about it at HERE but never did I thought that it was possible because we were so attached!!! I would have her the soonest I woke up, immediately after food, while drinking, before sleep, at work!!! in the Car!!! at the hotel, home, by the swimming pool, on the rooftop, on the couch, sofa, dining table, kitchen table.. anywhere was good!! Such was life with cigarette but really... life is so much better without Her!! Infact, I seriously could not imagine how I can smoke 3 packs a day before!

I quit smoking with Azhar Sulaiman!! and along the way, the smoke-free-bandwagon grEw bigger with Kamsani Ahmad, Joe Liew Law Yoong, Zaiem Razak, Shear Ling Toh, John Chuah, James Fong and a few others. Unfortunately... they all quit the smoking-free instead. Everyone went back to their Ciggie!!

The best part... there is no tendency at all to smoke again! Life is just so wonderful!! say no to CIGARETTE!! HOOYAH!

p/s- Since then, I lost 5kg!! who said quit-smoking will gain weight?


  1. Fantastic! Keep up the great work! These are the type of divorces to be celebrated :D


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