Everymonth we bid farewell to some recruits whom had either achieved their targeted goal (eg to look best for their wedding/function), or taking a month/period break or whom had to be relocated for either work or study. Once we had to bid farewell to a comrade, Dyan Dominique an SOB for BU-Bravo platoon when she left to pursue her study at the University of Melbourne. Today, we bid farewell to Ann Loo from USJ1-Alpha platoon whom was 'relocated' to Johor for a good 2 years. When we received an invitation for a surprise farewell breakfast after COBC session, we just cant resists and drove to USJ1 with only less than 4 hours of sleep.

Ann Loo was not just a comrade but she is also one of our most aspiring recruit. She had also made it to the COBC Hall of Achievers at HERE. When she bid farewell to her comrade at our official COBC Facebook page, within minutes, everybody felt the lost of her presence. (Click on picture to enlarge)

Dixon Thum took the words out of every recruit's mouth..

Yes Ann Loo, we are very proud of you!

Contrary to a common practice with the colleague or comrade that usually organized a farewell gift or farewell outing, Ann Loo bid farewell and gave COBC a dozen friends that she recruited at various locations... a surprise farewell present and a kind gesture of appreciation to the hard working, dedicated and committed instructors and COBC team member!!! On behalf of all instructors and team, please accept our deepest gratitude and biggest thank you for your support.

But of course, her comrade at USJ1 alpha platoon will not let her leave without buying her breakfast after the session and so the surprise farewell breakfast event was organized and facebook-event page was created by Wennice Chai. Nawal Aini Zulkifli brought a basket of 8WC cheese cup cake.. with intention to maintain the beauty and not to let Ann Loo grow out of proportion without COBC in JB.

Thus, before bidding farewell, naturally for a model, she camwhore with her platoons.... and of course me, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and otaiis from other platoons ikut menyibuk.

A natural born talent which is part of COBC custom, whenever there's a camera, every recruit became a model!!

After camwhoring, everyone left for banana leaves food just 5 minutes drive away..

Everyone was very high spirited. We smile, laugh.. and for a second, 
maybe everyone was happy that Ann Loo was leaving? :-p


No.. everyone was just high spirited because that is how we are after a good morning workout... or actually because its Makan time!!!

Last but not least, Ann Loo.. if ever you are back in KL, do dropby any of our platoons... and lets HOOYAH!! Good Luck in your new job and all undertakings.



  1. was really great having you and Corp Nawal there today! and yes. will miss ann. =D

  2. Regina,

    Will try to be in USJ1 more often. Its great to see recruits there so hyper and so high spirited. HOOYAH

  3. Regina,

    YOur blog needs a bit of updating :-) Please keep up blogging.

  4. haha! i will update more frequently once i'm done with exams. HOOYAH!


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