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PJ HALF MARATHON have lost its glory! I ran my first running event 8 years ago at the PJ Half Marathon for the 10km distance... shortly after conquering my first Mt Kinabalu Climb in 2003. We have not race the PJ Half marathon for about 5 years (?) but today we were back running the PJ Half marathon with about a dozen friends from the COBC but of course, I had only registered for 10km. A centimeter extra, my knees would have rebelled worst than Bersih 2.0.

There used to be 30,000 runners running the PJ Half marathon in the past but today, I think they were barely 3,000 but I enjoyed the race today. The 10km route with 2 water stations was good but there were various grouses from from the 21km runners. For one, traffic police allowed vehicles to cross path with runners. Runners were choked with exhaust fume from passing vehicles. It is imperative to get experienced race marshals at site because I do not think traffic police has the experience being a marshal at running events. Life can be at stake. We did not see ambulance on standby too in case of emergency and there were no distance markers (for 21km).

The people from the chief's circle that race today includes Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Nyna Mohsen, Faizul Zainol, Farhan Zainol, Damien Mac Cord, Ryan Wong, Viki Lim, Jeffery Wong, Rienna Choo, Amy Ho, Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff, Lick Hau Loo, Farah Fazu .... (err did I miss anyone?) Running only 10km, I was the first to finished and had the time to prepare the camera to camwhore others!!

That was when I spotted Farah Fazu and her running buddy. They both did 10km too.

The first 21km runners from our group that arrived was Jeffery Wong... a recruit at DH Zulu. Jeffery Wong completed the race in 1hour 59mins? 

After Jeffery Wong, Nawal Aini Zulkifli was spotted, arrived and completed her 21km in 2 hours 6 minutes!!

Then it was Damien Mac Cord from BU-Bravo in 2 hours 15 minutes but somehow I missed him at the finishing line. After Damen, Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff arrived

While waiting for others, spotted the two brothers from BU-Alpha Faizul Zainol and Farhan Zainol with Nawal Aini Zulkifli. 

Then DH Zulu Ryan Wong.. COBC Drama King arrived.....

Typical COBC'ians.. camwhores!
Awhile later, the 21km-Virgin runners Rienna Choo and AMy Ho completed their maiden 21km race!! A strong show of friendship support.. Rienna CHoo held Amy Ho's hand and ran together to the finishing line and completed their first 21km in 2:43hrs.

COngratulation Rienna Choo & Amy Ho.. We are all very proud of ya!!

Spotted too was Nyna MOhsen and Viki Lim whom were happily cruising while chatting all the way from start.

Despite all the event flaws, we had a very good run on Sunday at the PJ HALF MARATHON. We always had fun running. HOOYAH!!


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