COBC 4/12: ALL IN A DAY...

Nothing starts the day better than a damn good workout in the morning!!! If you don't believe me.. than ask... err me!! bluwek.. But seriously, the best stimulant to ignite the day is a hot juicy calorie free Adrenaline and a good pouring sweat with a bunch of lunatics recruits. When I saw Kenix Lim and Leesa Tan this morning.. I know we will be in trouble! When I saw Uncle John Chuah in Vibram 5 finger.. I know its a disaster! When I did not see James Fong & Chan Meng Yam.. I knew its a confirmed trouble! No wonder Ankur Pandey is always forever with the ladies.. he got that extra motivation!! Maybe I should try his technique on Friday. The ratio at COBC gentlemen:ladies at 1:4 speaks for it self.... There are more ladies than men at the COBC... At COBC.. men is like.... special edition? hahahaa Once at BU-Bravo platoon, Raja Affandi Jamaludin was the only 'rose' amongst the torns! but he blends in well with his hair longer than the majority of the ladies.

And there is no better instructor to make us run than Corporal (COBC) Chun!!! and Sarge (COBC) Dann!!! Sarge (COBC) Dann is like a German Shephard... when he chase you...... you better start praying!!! I saw how Rienna Choo & Freda Liu run like a walk in the park while Dr Malek Aziz and my heart almost popped out! Shear Ling Toh too!!! Was flying but all those recruit could not rival the chief warga emas Uncle John Chuah. I think it must be his Vibram 5 finger.. but he was flying too fast.

After 10 laps of 200 meter sprinting with pushups, military situps, Jackknives yada yada in between, Suddenly I craved for Durian!! Our Durian-pot introduced by Cynthia Gan SSJ in Damansara Uptown is apparently closed! so now... no supplies of Musang King which was a blessing in disguised. Otherwise, there goes my diet.

When the session ended, after days of planning and deliberating, Mohamad Fazli was thanking God that he did not cycle to COBC... Mohamad Fazli is our best contender to win RM15,000 in the 8 Week Challenge. I think the Director at Accenture is planning to go green, use bicycle as main transportation and lose his car? or maybe he is losing his mind? but one thing for certain, he is losing size by the day. Maybe I shall join him cycle to BU_alpha on friday....

Mohamad Fazli

Until then, Stay Tuned....

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