If you ever crave for a porridge, look no further... think no further... go to our COBC Delta Kenny Lock Heng Weng Seafood porridge stall!!! It is amazing how a simple porridge can taste but it is more amazing at how Kenny's Seafood porridge actually taste!! Simply irresistible!!

Kenny's stall is located at Jalan SS2/4A, Taman Megah, near station LRT Taman Bahagia. For Direction, click HERE. There are varieties in the menu but mine and Nawal's personal best is the Seafood Porridge!! Simply irresistable!! and of course being part of the Chief's Original Bootcamp community, Kenny's stall was ambushed, attacked and serbu by all recruits.. over and over again!!

Kenny, watch out and better stock up!!! I think we are going to attack the stall again very soon!!! HOOYAH!!