It is Bring-A-Friend day at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia (COBC).. again!! Yes again and again because it is a monthly session on every 9th session of the month but this Bring-A-Friend (BAF) day is a bit special than usual because.. it is the first BAF for 2012! This is the first step into a healthier year. What do we do during BAF?

Yes.. BAF will give you a sneak preview of what you can expect at the COBC. Sort of err.. a peak under the skirt. To really see what is inside, you will need to register for a full month session at HERE. There is an Early Bird discount for those that register before 22 January 2012. If you bring your friend and she/he register for February, then you will get RM50 cash rebate per friend. Dont wait!! Start making friends...

"What if I do not know anyone at the COBC? but I heard about COBC, read about it at this blog, read all the posting on Facebook and would like to try it out?". Although the name implied as a Bring A Friend day akin of only those that befriended the recruits are allowed to attend but it is really a free session for all. If you do not know anyone at the COBC, just click "New Registration" at www.COBC.biz and select "Bring A Friend Day" at your preferred location and wallah you are registered! There is no charges or fees on BAF.

However, if you do know someone at the COBC, he/she will advice you the same,  just click "New Registration" at www.COBC.biz and select "Bring A Friend Day" at your preferred location and you are registered! but maybe he/she will add-on a few more terms..  such as err... DONT BE LATE! and DONT DROP THE EQUIPMENTS because that is tantamount to some penalty.

"If I was a paying recruit in the past but have stopped COBC, can I come on BAF?"Yes you can! BAF is a free for everyone whether you were once a recruit or a future recruit, or a friend to any recruit or a stranger to everyone, all are welcome to try us out but you must register online.

"If I am a recruit or a member at other bootcamp err.. Bootcamp X, Bootcamp Y, etc, can I also come and try it out?" Yes, of course you can. Its a free world but you must register online.

What is the importance of registering online? 

Registering online is very important to enable us to prepare enough instructors and for us to know briefly your medical restrictions (if any).

If there is one habit that we should all have before making any decision or judgment then it must be the habit to 'test-drive' the things that we want to buy and/or commit. Whether its a car, a house, a person, a tv, a bootcamp and even COBC!!! Test-drive us and judge us for yourself. See you at the BRING A FRIEND DAY.... Follow me!!

P/s- Early Bird Discount will end on 22January 2012 after the Bring-A-Friend day. For more information sms 017-379-5988 or 012-314-5665 or email: armin@bootcampmalaysia.com