CYBERJAYA.. There is no better place to be than to wake up in the morning and workout at the Cyberjaya!! Why? because the people there are just so accomodative.. friendly and very welcoming. Rose Emini Pahamin and me arrived at Chief's Original Bootcamp, Cyberjaya at HERE, 10 minutes before the session began at 7:00am. Sarge Tom was the Platoon Commander and assisted by Muay Thai fighter Lance Corporal Ridz. Both instructors were on the list of most eligible instructors at the COBC.

Cyberjaya was only 30 minutes drive from Penchala and there are five platoons available as follows:
Charlie (MC12): 0545-0645; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Echo (MC12): 0700-0800; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Tango (MC8): 0545-0645; Tuesday, Thursday
Foxtrot (MC8): 0700-0800; Tuesday, Thursday
Yankee (MC8): 1845-1945; Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Having been working out daily, today's workout seemed abit exhaustive! Somehow..  I just hate leg workout but leg workout is inevitable and necessary!!! and Sarge Tom's eye was too sharp that he would picked on every recruits that had compromised in workout forms.. as in, no one was sparred.  It was great to meet the fantastic people of Cyberjaya.

This one (while pointing) is Ellya Masriq.. Cyberjaya COBC Delta, a cyclist and a triathlete!

This one is Mohd Khairul Nizam.. he is back!! After a disappearance act, he is back!! But maybe will disappear again? 

Mr Manjit Singh with LC Ridz

Rose Emini Pahamin and Sarge (COBC) Tom!!

One thing for certain, the camwhoring virus are quite prominent in Cyberjaya too!! We err.. camwhore!!

What a wonderful and great morning!! On Chinese New year next week... Monday.. we shall go to Ampang & Damansara Heights!! Tuesday.. Subang Jaya USJ and Shah Alam, Wednesday.. Bandar Utama etc etc....... Life is just simply too good with so many friends and so many places to workout!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Gong Xi Fa Chai..