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If there was a word that can describe the year 2011, then it must be a 'learning' year. Well, we learn new things everyday but the year 2011 has taught me some very important lesson in business, life, family and friendship. I spend the countdown for the new year with my family at Bustanu. Except for Dr Teratai Edithy Pahamin and Shazrul Assari, mum and all other siblings gather for a BBQ. I was the "Master Chef" barbeque'ing seafood, lamb, chicken and multi-task'ed for Quality Control. Hence, half of those food 'disappeared' before it reaches the plate. Azhar Sulaiman bought some serious firecrackers and began blasting them as early as 8pm.. err.. I think he was more excited with Mercun than the kids.

Needless to say, as in all previous years, 2011 ended with a big huge Hooyah !! Never once did any years passesby with a regret, for every year there was always a plan. Whether the plan works or fail is secondary but life without trying or experimenting is not worth living. Moving forward, this year ... is a new page, new chapter and a new book. The ending or conclusion of this book is for us to write. We determine how this year is going to end. To achieve every year's resolution, we must have the right focus. This reminded me of the "Walk on Fire" motivational talk by Anthony Robbin that I attended during my final year university way back in 1994 in Birmingham. I had to save portion of my scholarship for a year just to buy the very expensive ticket but it was well worth it. Since then, whenever I feel the need to re-energized, I will turn back to the book "Awaken the Giant Within". I read hundreds of other motivational books during those undergraduate studies and even now but somehow, my chemistry was best with Anthony Robbin.  To focus on achieving our new year resolution, please see the short video below.

With the right focus and the right mind, we will have a clearer direction towards achieving our NY resolution. Everyone should have a new year resolution because without it, this year and on many years to come, life will passesby and simply be wasted.


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