Have you ever checked your monthly MAXIS BILL STATEMENT for GPRS and DATA SERVICE?

It is recorded in the statement as follows:

Maxis Mobile Internet / Maxis Mobile Internet
21/10/09-20/11/09 GPRS/EDGE/3G 3KB 0.03

Maxis Mobile Internet / Maxis Mobile Internet
21/11/09-20/12/09 GPRS/EDGE/3G 50KB 0.30

Maxis Mobile Internet / Maxis Mobile Internet
21/12/09-20/01/10 GPRS/EDGE/3G 108KB 0.62
Roaming Mobile Internet
21/12/09-20/01/10 Telkomsel Internet 1,698KB 41.43
21/12/09-20/01/10 NTS Internet 3,526KB 121.69

There is no breakdown given for internet usage via GPRS/EDGE/3G except for the total usage and total cost for the period/month.

For example from NOVEMBER 2009 bill statement for the period from 21/12/09 to 20/01/10, the total usage was 3KB and the total cost for the period was RM0.03.

Now, this is when the problem arose...

My mobile internet historical usage pattern can be seen from the November 2009, December 2009 and January 2010 bill statement above that recorded usage and charges of 3KB/RM0.03, 50KB/RM0.30 and 108KB/RM0.62 respectively.

I left for Jakarta for three days from 30th December 2009 to 1 January 2010. 

My ROAMING MOBILE INTERNET USAGE for The 3 DAYS & 2 NIGHTS in Jakarta, was a whopping 5,260KB / RM161.12. (Telkomsel Internet 1,698KB / RM41.43 & NTS Internet 3,526KB / RM121.69) 

QUESTION: How is it possible for the Total Usage in 3 DAYS/2NIGHTS can total up to 5,260KB when the 3 months monthly usage ranges from 3KB to 106KB only... I used less mobile internet in Jakarta as compared to Malaysia.

I disputed the 5,260KB roaming mobile internet usage and called MAXIS 123 for clarification. Maxis received my complain and issued  a complain no C7036696.

4 Days later, Maxis operator called and inform that they had checked, verified and confirm the cost for the 5,260KB charged is valid and true and explained to me the details of how the cost was calculated? 

I never disputed the charges for the 5,260KB mobile internet usage?  I am only disputing the 5,260KB usage within 3 days in Jakarta which was 4870% higher than the highest total mobile internet usage for the whole MONTH. 

I asked MAXIS call-center for further information on disputing the mobile internet usage that had suddenly increased by 4870% in only 3 days when I was in Jakarta. She was clue-less and did not know what to answer. To cut the long story short, I asked from her the detail breakdown for the mobile internet usage. she said she will need to revert back to me.

She called me later and said she will courier the detail breakdown and Maxis will charge me RM5.00. I agree to pay RM5.00.

THERE ARE TWO ISSUES TO LEARN from my predicament...............

ISSUE 1) that there is probably NO DISPUTE-CHANNEL for MOBILE INTERNET USAGE. Customers are charge without any references on usage. I am being charge for the usage of 5,260KB without being able to verify the usage-details charged!! 

ISSUE 2) All the Mobile Internet package (example: RM40, RM50 or the unlimited mobile internet package at RM120) are useless.

I used the MAXIS MOBILE INTERNET all the time in Malaysia............ for EMAILS, WORK, BLOGGING, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE TALK, BLACKBERRY MESSENGER , BROWSING etc etc.... During office hour, most of my communication with my staff are via the Google Talk on mobile.

With that sort of usage... The highest Mobile Internet Usage per month was only 108KB or equivalent to only 62 SEN. and knowing this negligible charges........ MAXIS make it compulsory for customer to contractually sign a mobile package plan on packages offered.... which is a real waste of money. 

Be careful when signing package plans that requires you to subscribed for internet package GPRS/EDGE/3G!!!! It is not worth it!!! Mobile internet usage will only cost you less than One Ringgit for daily use on Emails, Google Talk, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger, Yahoo etc etc..... It only cost a few sens a month!!! 

For Roaming mobile internet usage & charges........ will update soon once i get the breakdown details. I am waiting for the detail breakdown for both local and the roaming mobile internet usage for verification on my historical usage pattern & charges and will update on this blog for your knowledge and information.

Until then, Stay tune........



  1. Suanie,
    that is akin of saying.. fed-up with wife, switch to gf.. :p and the same thing may be repeated?

    i'd rather work on Maxis.. and maybe she can improve.. :p

  2. Actually, armin, i think that Maxis doesnt count their local net usage properly. i just got my BB an Im using the BB plan rm 40 for 5 mbs.

    I downloaded a program called minimon. It tracks how much kbs running in and out from your phone, and based on the minomon, i used up to 15mbs last month. they did not charge extra for the additional usage. It wasnt even recorded down. Their "internal tracking" for local data doesnt work.

    I went to Singapore for 3 days, and i accidentally pressed the browser a few times, and they charged me RM50 for that. And it was like loading for 2 sec's and i canceled the loading. Basically 6 seconds of "net" time for roaming caused me to shit out RM50..

    Roaming charges are crazy larr..

  3. Hi Bev Tee.

    That is news to me..
    In short, what you are saying is:
    1) so far as maxis is concern, the usage was never measured and charge?
    (so why are we stupid enough to RM40 or RM50 for mobile internet?

    2)How much can be downloaded in 6 seconds for maxis to charge you RM50? I am not disputing the expensive charges but simply disputing the usage charge.... which makes it double whammy.. with ridiculous usage KB / MBS and the expensive charges for the ridiculous usage (which was never used). Example my 3 days in jakarta... @ 5,260KB... and your 6 seconds internet usage @ RM50.

  4. Based on what was charged to you, you fb, msn etc etc, to them you used 106kbs in 3 months time.. impossible larr..

    you load up an fb page and its already 27-30kbs

    This is the 2nd month im using the BB plan, and im using it like crazy, because, in my count, i used 15mbs and i wasnt charged extra. Might as well fully utilize it, and see if they will charge or not.. Its like a hit and run thing.

    BUT, i have a company line last time, and i downloaded some apps, and they charged me i think RM15 for 1.5mbs

    I really dont know what type of system they are running, but its a lousy system. Sometimes it detects, sometimes it doesnt detect. Im pretty sure, you use more then 106kbs when you were in Malaysia.

    I think that their system of tracking the data usage abit kalang kabut. Damn inaccurate.

  5. Bev tee,

    108kb PER month maximum usage n FB, yahoo, msn, emials, blackberry chat on Mobile internet.. previous month was less than 100KB PER MONTH usage... so on average the KB usage is less than 100KB per month.

    My question posted on blog was... how can on an average i used less than 100kb per month... and in 3 day my mobile internet usage suddenly increased to 5,600KB..?

    which was the usage that i was charge for... i have not calcualted the cost per KB charge.. now I am only disputing the usage they Maxis claim i used...

    Whilst roaming, i did not downloaded any applications nor was there any change of usage behaviour... meaning, i used less mobile internet overseas.

  6. lol look at it this way, maxis data charge is inaccurate. Sometimes the datacharges is accurate, sometimes it isnt.

  7. Bev.......
    siigh.. it is..!! so how to resolve the unscrupulous usage charge??

  8. Hey how did you solve this? I was just googling around for maxis bill issuies because my maxis bill this month is 2130RM and i have no clue how it's that high. Im using their bb 10 mb plan and my previous bill was only 240rm and my usage has been somewhat similar.


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