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UPDATES: Please click HERE for the latest update on the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP locations & maps.


When I first joined the Bootcamp, there were only 2 training locations available. One at Padang Merbuk in Kuala Lumpur and the other location is at Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya. I chose to train at Padang Merbuk because of logistic and Padang Merbuk's reputation for being a 'hardcore' and the damn serious bunch.

True enough, I was reincarnated after every session.. sort of dropping dead and reincarnated.... but as Armin Baniaz again and again.. thank god I was not re-born as Charlie Chaplin... or Kunta Kinte. Next month, two more locations will be open for the public.. one at Subang Jaya, the other one in Bukit Jelutong, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam and in June there will be more.....

By June, there will be Seven Original Bootcamp locations at Padang Merbuk, Padang Astaka, Stadium Mini MPSK 3k (Subang Jaya) (May 2010) , Bukit Jelutong (Shah Alam) (May 2010), BANDAR UTAMA (June 2010), Kepong (May 2010) and City Centre Park (May/June).

The Bootcamp expansion was encouraged through public's demand. Padang Merbuk and Padang Astaka the pioneer ground of the Bootcamp is always almost instantly full when registrations were open every month. I am training at the Bootcamp because the trainer Sarge Simran is a kick ass instructor whom is able to reach out and get the best out of every trainee. His training style and passion is the core that made me hook for more and more!!

Similarly, Bootcamp at the new locations are headed by equivalent qualified trainer. At Subang, we have Jason Moriarity, Shamil Tan and William Chong.

Jason Moriarty, an Irishman command over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He is the person behind the establishment of the finest gym in Asia. Jason was a former Kick Boxing champion in Ireland. He had developed various personal training program for various top clubs and was responsible for bringing up trainers to international standards.

Jason recently embarked in providing professional care to both professional and amateur athlete through his new establishment ACE PHYSIOTHERAPY when he saw the lack of such care in the sports industry. ACE Physiotherapy offers a reasonable first class care from therapist who understands sports and exercise. IN fact, he offered free one time physiotherapy to all BOOTCAMPERS and my Blog- reader.. simply quote or bootcamp when you call the ACE for physiotherapy.

Shamil Tan, was a researcher at CITIBANK. From a nerdy book-worm, Shamil transform his behind the desk, in an air-condition stressful lifestyle unto a stress-free, outdoor and healthy lifestyle. Having discovered the new way of life, Shamil is committed to help others rid those beer belly and growing waist-line by attending and passing the American Council on Exercise personal trainer exam. From  nerd researcher, Shamil is now a qualified trainer whom understand the unhealthy lifestyle of those 'Yuppies'... Young profesionals and Oldies... err.. Older Professionals.

William Chong, has a fetish for outdoors!!! He is a qualified trainer for most outdoor activities from Rock Climbing, White water rafting, trekking... He is a certified personal trainer for FISAF.... whatever that stands for. William is also a Less Mills spinning instructor and have a list of many other qualifications.

Although all trainers are qualified with many other credentials, everybody must be re-trained by the MASTER TRAINER, chief James Brabon from Australia, the founder of the Original Bootcamp worldwide. I  hope to meet Chief James and get more details from him on the training to be a Bootcamp trainer.

The session at BOOTCAMP SUBANG JAYA are on every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY at 5:45am to 6:45am. The meeting point is at Stadium Mini MPSJ Komplex 3K, SS13, Subang Jaya. For more information call Bootcamp Subang HOTLINE @ 016-348-1038.

The session will start on 3 May 2010 but there will be a week of FREE TRIALS on 26 April, 28 April and 30 April 2010

Placement is limited to ONLY 48 PAX and there is ONLY 12 SPACE LEFT... call now to avoid disappointment.

Stay tune for other Bootcamp details........
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  1. Totally stumbled upon your blog about 3 days ago while looking ard a bit and toying ard a bit rgding OBC. Found them too far to worth the trouble to wake up or to go after work in PJ. One day while I was driving home, I kinda had this thought on the reason for K.K. not having anything decent enough and it would be nice if OBC is held here. And if it's held here, I just might go for a trial run. So.. I think I wud need to eat my on word when I again stumbled on your blog to find out that they will have one here in K.K.
    Jst fer ya to know, I'm really not that fit and I might eventually chicken out. Heh..

  2. Michelle hui,

    My apology for the error.. it is at bukit jelutong and not kota kemuning.

    yes you have to try out the trial-run. but do not worry about being unfit...... many of us joined without much stamina. It will improve over time.

  3. How about having one in JB? You do it in KL, about here in the south.

    ZUL JB

  4. Zul JB...

    soon bro, very soon in JB and Singapore.. :-)

  5. Armin,

    Thats great to hear. I have call someone in your company to enquire and the answer is no. Count me as your first customer..

    But how soon is soon...


  6. how bout penang bro? all this nasi kandar & roti canai is ballooning my belly. We need one over here...:) & I'm definitely sure there's a lotsa bootcamp fan in Penang out there..what say you???


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