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22 April 2010, Kuala Lumpur. This morning, for the first I visited the Companies Commission Malaysia (CCM) (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) to learn how to incorporate an Enterprise. I took the initiative to have a first hand experience to train and educate my Fasfik Supervisors in setting-up their first business (an enterprise) to be an entrepreneur. Those qualified Supervisors were offered to be an Authorised Operator of Fasfik's outlets that is already establish, equip with the necessary equipments and ready for business without any renovation cost and any capital outlay to buy equipments. For the supervisor to operate Fasfik outlets, Fasfik will sign agreement with the Supervisors whom were required to set-up an 'enterprise'.

I reached the CCM at KL Sentral 9:20am and at the ground floor (level 1), the reception gave me a PNA 42 form  to obtain CCM's approval for the business Trade-Name. Applicants do not need to seek CCM's approval if the business is registered under the applicant's own name as per the Identity Card.

I was guided to escalator to the 2nd floor, where I filled up the idiot-proof & friendly form, took a number and was attended to by HASNAH at Counter 25.

The Applicant needed to complete Form-A with the following details:

1) Business Name
2) Type of Busiiness
3) Date business to commence
4) Address & Place of Business
5) Business branches
6) Owner's details
7) If there is a partnership agreement, a copy must be lodge with CCM.

All the owners must sign the Form-A. All the owners must enclosed a copy of their Identity Cards, Partnership Agreement (if any), Permit (if required), License (if required), Support letter from agencies (if any).

If the business is registered under the Applicant's own name (as per identity card), only a payment of RM30.00 is charge payable to CCM. If the business is registered under another trade-name, then a charge of RM70.00 is imposed.

In less than 20 minutes, the business registration certificate was ready!!!! In less than 20 minutes!!!! Thumbs up to the Companies Commission Malaysia for an excellent and best of service....

If this is a reflection of our Government & Ministries... I have to say, Malaysia is the BEST!!! 

Hasnah @ Counter 25, all smiley and friendly..... Well done, You made Malaysia proud.

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  1. i was a research assistant with CLSA 8 years back it wasnt so easy. For document retrievals you had to go thru those microfilms which took AGES !!

    much improved these days

  2. Shamil,
    true Shamil and yes.. the services had improved by leaps and bounds


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