They got married on 23 July 1970. I mean Mum & Dad.... and will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary soon!!!

Mum, Zainab Mohamad born on 11 July 1948 became a mother in 1971 when she gave birth to Chempaka Emalin Pahamin but was elevated to the status of Super Mum when she gave birth to her second child and the eldest son... me!! True, only her that can actually raised a son like me..... rebellious, naughty, disastrous but cute and handsome.

Mum never fail to dragged us out of bed when it was time to perform the morning Subuh prayer. My sisters and I, would pretend to be awake and went back to bed the soonest she left the room. When its time to eat, mum would spent alot of time in the kitchen to make sure all her 6 children's favourite meals were prepared. All my six siblings have different preferences for food. But after cooking those meals, mum had to forced us away from the television and we would gave her that sulking face.

Although we had maids, every very early in the morning, mum would enter and tidy up our rooms nagging how messy we were and we again, sulking, depressed and upset to being forced out of bed so early. When most teenager are out dating, socializing or playing sports, mum would sit with us and make sure we finished all our school homework. She would sit with us at the dining table until all school homework were done. We, of course were very displeased and would rather watch Mc Gyver. Some ungrateful bunch we were then.

Throughout the journey of growing up, mum went through so many heart-breaking moment... (especially in raising me) such as those phone calls from the Headmistress and discipline teacher when I was caught fighting at school, skipped school, smoking on school rooftop, etc etc.... and later, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Mum can only cry, pray but she never gave up.

Our house rule, everybody (more for her daughters) must be back at home by 7pm for dinner. If any of my sisters are not home by 7pm she will be restless and 5 minutes later, she will be calling the police. She showered us with endless care, love and..... food (she is a brilliant chef!!!)... until I left home to study Bachelor of Economics at Buckingham University in 1992. I left Malaysia half-heartedly when I saw her crying.... but quickly enjoy the waking up late in a very messy room at the University (without being nag).

After years of learning from mum and her years of sacrifices to teach me during school term, taught me the real meaning of life, being there for me through my ups and down, and make me what I am.. now it all paid off!!  Now she can learn from me.. to use Facebook! Okay thats not all (I am also good for many other things) but at least that was something that she learn from me... wink.

When her youngest daughter flew and partake the Singapore 42km marathon in December last year, she was so worried and concern that mum flew to Singapore alone!!! and waited for Rose Emini at the finishing line without her knowledge... Emi crossed the finishing line shocked but overwhelmed to see mum.... Emi ran, hugged her and cried.

With all her 6 children now an adult (only by age), she kept herself busy with her 9 grandchildren.

The ladies & girls... Mum with Nawal, her daughters & nieces

Mum is so busy with her 6 children that the only time Dad can have her, was at weird places.... 

Being a mother is a full time job.... raising me along with my 5 other siblings was short of impossible but rest assured mum, you have successfully raised 4 gorgeous daughters (from size xs to XL) and 2 jaw-dropping sons (from handsome to awesome).

Thank you for being the best friend, the most understanding and the most patience mother. That smiles, laughter and cheerful nature of a mother is what make us such a beautiful family.

To the most loving mother who never knew the meaning of tired, whom never gave up, whom is always ever so positive and always there for everybody without any remorse........



A mother is more than just a mother..A mother is also a bestfriend to the children and the best economist having to maximise whatever resources to ensure the household welfare, food and time are wisely spent. A mother is where love grew and family values are nurtured.


  1. Bro,

    That's very impressive post...I miss my mum now ;,-(

  2. Anon,
    'Thank you.... you should say that to your mum

  3. very beautifully written Armin...this includes the one you wrote for Nawal...you have two very lucky ladies there =)

  4. Hey Whispers,

    Thank you. Life is so beautiful isnt it.. :-)

  5. and so THAT'S the secret to your big, happy family!! it's mom!! hehehe... it's really cool that she went to singapore alone to make sure rose was okay in crossing the finishing line. i don't have a supportive mother so i envy u guys! long live the pahamins!!

  6. Bro,

    I like this post. very heartwarming. Your mum is so lucky to have you as a son (despite ur naughtiness etc ;P LOL).

    You are one blessed soul Armin and a very good son and person and I really think u deserve all the love in the world from ur mom and everyone else in this world. :)


  7. Cynthia...
    Thank you.. yess.. our parent are our strongest supporter.. :-)

    thank you, seriously.. its the other way round.. we are lucky to have such a parent.. :-)


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