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Do you know what is worst than the tsunami of sweats and the earth quake heartbeat that we all went through during COBC training session? You are so right! Waiting for the 8 Weeks Challenge final result! dub dab dub dab dub dab... Oh god, though I look young and feels young (all the time) and is still actually young (I think) but this waiting for the announcement makes my heart felt so old.. too heavy for my heart.

The 8 Weeks Challenge (8WC) is the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Australia annual event which the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Malaysia (COBC) had always participated! In fact, we made it compulsory for all COBC instructors to partake. How else can we better understand our recruits than to experience the journey together! Approximately 80 recruits participated from Malaysia in this year's 8WC which began on 26 September 2011 and recently ended on 18 November 2011.

When everyone gathered for the final measurement and photo-shoot at my house, our jaw dropped!! Shocking and unbelievable!! We almost could not recognized some of them. If you do not believe me, see them for yourself at HERE. The voting for the location Champions and Runners-up began on Monday, 21 November 2011 and ended on Wednesday, 23 November 2011. On Thursday, 24 November 2011 all the local Champions and Runners-up were announced at HERE. The local Champions for Malaysian locations were Mohamad Fazli, June Chung Eng Lan and Dixon Thum Wai Khong. The local runners-up were Colin Chong Wern Loong, Stephanie Choong and Sarah Tan.

All the 33 local Champions from 33 participating bootcamp locations worldwide were automatically in Semi-Final and another 27 Semi-finalist were voted based on various factors but mostly on voting and clinical measurement. The 60 Semi Finalist were listed at HERE. Last night, all the franchisees, licensees and lead instructors (eligible voters) from the whole OBC/COBC network democratically voted 20 challengers into the International Finals. A total of 5 candidates too were voted for the Malaysia Finals. Yes.. we do have Malaysia Finals!!

Those voted into International Finals were Alan Hagues, Aristo Bessiris, Clint Latta, Heath Britton-Stanley, Irene Chen, James Bryce, James Henville, Julie Brandtman, Kym Wishnowski, Megan Winter, Michelle Mannix, Natalie Smith, Nathan Dubyk, Paul Wilson, Rami Fahmy, Rebecca Taylor, Reuben, Rob Williams,Tanya, Tarah Daniels. Kym Wishnowski from Malaysia was the only finalist voted from Malaysia. We are very proud of you Kym Wishnowski. Our prayer for you to win for Malaysia.

Those voted into Malaysia Finals were Kym Wishnowski, Mohamad Fazli, Dixon Thum, June Chung Eng Lan and Sarah Tan.

The selections for the International Champion and Runner-up as well as the Malaysia Champion, First Runner-up and Second runner-up were made by "Six Impartial International Panel of Judges" whom are representatives from our strategic partners, affiliates, sponsors and members of the health and fitness media. The judges were:

Selasi BerdieHuman Performance Specialist for Body Science International, and professional Rugby League Player for the Gold Coast Titans.

Michael Henry – Chief Executive Officer of FITMedia, publisher of Australia’s leading fitness specific magazines UltraFIT, Oxygen and Clean Living.

Matt Taylor –
Director of leading sports sponsorship specialists Dream Team Management,

Adam Masia –
National Account Manager for New Balance Australia

Rebecca Gregory –
Director of PR & Media Agency Attenborough PR

Jonathan Lee –
Principle Pilates Instructor to the British Ballet

After much consideration and deliberation, on behalf of the 6-panel judges, Chief Brabon, Gunny Emily, Dr Malek and the COBC team members, I am pleased to announced as follows:
The INTERNATIONAL WINNER of the 2012 ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP 8 week Challenge is:

Rami Fahmy
Ramy Fahmi will walk away with AUD$5,000 (RM15,000) cold hard cash plus a fantastic prize pack from our partners BodyScience and New Balance.

1st Runner up: Megan Winter won AUD$1,000 (RM3,000) cash (as well as another great prize pack from our partners.

2nd Runner up: Aristo Bessiris won a special prize pack from our partners.

Voting was extremely close so we would like to make special mention to two more challengers that truly set the standard.

Rueben Kukolic and Julie Brandtman. OBC- HQ have organised something special for both Ruben & Julie.

The MALAYSIAN WINNER of the 2012 CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP 8 Weeks Challenge is:

Mohamad Fazli Mohamad Sarujee: AUD$1,000 (RM3,000) gift voucher to be spent in the New Balance online store, plus a BodyScience prize pack valued at AUD$260 (RM780).

1st Runner up: Sarah Tan  AUD$500 (RM1,500) gift voucher to be spent in the New Balance online store, plus a BodyScience prize pack AUD$100 (RM300).

2nd Runner up: Dixon Thum Wai Khong. won AUD$250 (RM750) worth of New Balance gear and Body Science prize pack.

The prizes won by the Local Champions and Runners up are as follows:

Bandar Utama
 Champion: Mohamad Fazli Mohamad Sarujee (Also Malaysia Finalist) won AUD260 (RM800) worth of BODYSCIENCE prize pack.
Runner Up: Colin Chong Wern Loong won AUD100 (RM300) worth of BodyScience Prize Pack

Damsansara Heights
 Champion: Jun Chung Eng Lan (also Malaysia finalist) won AUD260 (RM800) worth of BODYSCIENCE prize pack.
Runner up: Stephanie Choong won AUD100 (RM300) worth of BodyScience Prize Pack

Subang Jaya USJ1
Champion: Dixon Thum Wai Khong (also Malaysia Finalist) won AUD260 (RM800) worth of BODYSCIENCE prize pack.
Runner Up: Sarah Tan won AUD100 (RM300) worth of BodyScience Prize Pack

Irrespective of the placing, we have to say that we are very proud of every contestants, every semi-finalist, every finalists and all those who won the award. My biggest pride and joy was to see everyone being re-branded into the New You. This New You is not only our dream come true but it is the beginning of a whole new journey of a beautiful, happier and healthier you. 

Last but not least, on behalf of all my team members, recruits and Malaysia, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude, appreciation and a standing ovation to Chief Brabon and Gunny Emily from HQ whom have been having sleepless nights with all the turn of events. Not forgotten, COBC instructors and admins (still on standing ovation) whom have been tirelessly supporting all the recruits to achieve their dream physique. Thank you... thank you... Thank you!!


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