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18 November 2011, Friday. Today marked the end of the 8 weeks Challenge and the end of the 3rd week of November session. For all 8 WC-ers, dont forget to take your measurement and upload your pictures by first logging in at HERE and follow the instructions of 'what-to-do' as per my last blog at HERE. If you do not have any camera and do not know how to take the measurements and to photo-shoot, please come and gather with us tomorrow 9:00AM, Sunday 20 November 2011 at Bustanu Pahamin. Every other recruits are also welcome to join us for a POT-LUCK brunch cum Mini October graduation where we will announced the October Spirits of Bootcamp (SOB) and give out both SOB and ACE certificates. For more information, send sms to 017-3795988 or 012-314 5665.

To end the 3rd week of November session, we had the Petite but muscular and heavy Tyres, Jerry Soon Can and err.. a recruit as the equipments. Our recruits? Yes... you heard it right. For some pictures on what we did, click Mohamad Fazli's blog at HERE. Our platoon was divided into team Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Echo. I was in team Charlie with LC (COBC) (P) Resh whom was in grey to maintain his military physical appearance and stamina. In my team too were Poi Yin (spell?), Chan Meng Yam, Faizul Zainol, Dr Malek Aziz,

In a 4 sets circuit, we first had the rangers (then the Seals, Delta and the 'friends' being a BAF day) to flip the overweight tyres while another recruit carried the Jerry can, someone piggyback a recruit and all other team members followed behind the tyre-flipper on Bear Walk on first set, Bunny hop on second set, crab walk on third set and bla bla bla... No.. no guys were allowed to piggyback any girls. Guys can only piggyback the guys and the gals with gals... Oh damn There are also STRICTLY no touching between the opposite gender too and the same applies with the instructors. Instructors can only use the back of their hand (not the palm) to correct the forms of recruits of the opposite sex. At COBC, instructors and recruits ethics are highly uphold. Pictures below were compliments from Sarge (COBC) (P) Boon from COBC Penang.

Although the intensity was not so bad being a Bring-A-Friend day but it was great fun... Some new recruits too had their first taste of Tyre!! and some even have a crush with the tyre!!

All being said, the third week ended with a big huge HOOYAH!! For that extra savings, dont forget to register and pay for December intake latest by end of today! the price for MC12* is RM249 for the serious wanting to lose weight, toned up their physique and to improve athletic performances. The early bird price for MC8** is RM149 intended for those whom wants to take it slow, those that do not have much time to spare to exercise and/or for maintenance purposes.

If payment and registration is not completed by today, the price will be reverted back to RM299 for MC12 and RM199 for MC8.

*   MC12 is a thrice a week, 12 sessions a month program.
** MC8 is a twice a week, 8 sessions a month program.



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