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Rain, Hail or Shine.. Raya, Deepavali, Gong Xi Fa Cai or Christmas or any public holiday for as long as there is no lightning, COBC session does not take a break! Such is our health akin of waking up and brushing our teeth, we do not wake up and take a break from brushing our teeth. COBC is not just a proven program but it is a lifestyle that we live and on Eid' ul adha Hari Raya Qurban and public holiday today.. we workout as usual. I was at Bandar Utama this week after spending the whole week at Ampang. Infact, some crazy recruit (worst than me), went for a double session back to back at alpha and bravo... Bravo!! The crazy bunch were Kenny Vibram Lock Weng Heng, Wennice Chai, Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad, Loo Ann and Chi Yan Lai.. (Did I miss anyone?). (Err.. dont ask me what Wennice was doing in the right picture)

Such is how flexible we are at the COBC, those that have the energy and mojo, if you are our paid recruit, you can attend any sessions as many as you want at any of the 13 platoons in 7 locations.. BUFFET STYLE!!! and yes.. JK Jun King, we hear ya!!! Since there is a request for ALA' CARTE too, for those with hectic schedule , we are pleased to say that our admin has agree to offer an Ala Carte.. pay as you come service (subject to place availability). For more information, please email me at

Kenny Lock Weng Heng's dream came true.. he wore his Vibram and we were partnered-up for today's workout!! and Phewww.. thank god it was Kenny!! If that was Joe Liew, I'll be dead.. Kenny ended up doing most of the punishments because the slower recruit had to do the grunts as punishment. The ultimate objective is make sure everyone sprinted as fast as they could and not just run like a walk-in-the park. So after the 8 repetitions of a given stationary workout, I screamed CAAAAABUUUUT!!!

After many many 'cabut' sessions, and a great workout session with a tsunami heart-rate greater than ritcher scale 8.0, I sat comfortably by the road side heavenly sipping my ice cold water and watched the Bravo platoon about to go through a tsunami of their life in particularly, watched Loo Ann, Kenny Lock Weng Heng, Wennice Chai, Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad and Chi Yan lai having their bootcamp-buffet!!

And after the bootcamp-buffet, there was another buffet.. a brunch bbq buffet hosted by Jerry Soon & girlfriend Maggie at their residence which was jointly organised by Kenny Lock Weng Heng & girlfriend Wennice Chai. I arrived abit late at 1:30pm for an 11:00am invitation and saw Tan Wei Liam (pic on left) happily seated by the bbq stove. Staff Sarge (COBC) (P) Dann, KH Yap, Jerry Son were barbecuing stones.. STONE?? May be we arrived late and all food were already finished?

There were alot of 'Organic grass' served ...

and the Docta certified its organic-ness...

So everyone else makan lah!!!

That is the sort of diet our Ultra-marathoner Jeffery Wong eats. .. grass & stone?

TJ, Ody, Viki Lim, Anis Ramli

While everyone else were eating.. Collin Chong Wern Loong took turn barbecuing the stone?

Trust men at the kitchen.. only when the ladies took over the stove that we see real food!!

Those ladies were actually preparing the food in the residence...

But then.. I would not know.. that's not my department.. I am with the eating dept & paparazzi!!

At the barbecue, we did not just cook, we eat, we chat, we laugh and we smile...
an essential ingredients to happy life..

While some people enjoyed life laughing and smile, 
some people just enjoy their food..

and some people just enjoy getting lost in thought...

and some people just enjoy to cook..

Colin Chong Wern Loong

and some enjoyed to pose!!

There were lots of food.. and all were 8WC compliance!! 

but no food is enough for the lean skinny Tan Wee Liam! DBKL.. everything also sapu!

A good show of solidarity.. Hari Raya is not just celebrated by the muslim but in Malaysia we celebrate every occasion together!! 1Malaysia?

What better life can anyone asked beside a healthy, happy and cheerful moment. From an early workout at the bootcamp, a good food, a good laugh and a good camwhoring.. that's the best part of being a paparazzi!! He captured all that moments to cherished but none captured of himself. such is the high flying life of a papparazzi!!

Last but not least, thank you Jerry Soon for the kindest hospitality. You are a good host. I always tell people that at the COBC, we bypass the normal hierarchy of becoming friends but we became close friends instead.



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