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There is nothing more inspiring than see my own comrade that sweat and scream with us in an ungodly morning hour, went through a major shift in life from over 100kg in weight living the hip boozing night life to now 83kg and living a healthy lifestyle. I went through similar paradigm shift in lifestyle too from a wild clubbing and party goer to a more tame and healthier lifestyle.

Lick Hau Loo first heard of the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) during my interview with the BFM 89.9 the Business station, Evening edition. For those that missed that radio interview, click HERE and hear Otaii John Chuah being interviewed by the sexiest voice Caroline on radio! Lick Hau coincidentally tuned-in to the BFM Radio, overheard the interview and decided to heed on my advice and surrendered to the program for 1 hour, 3x a week and he gave himself the best birthday gift barely a month ago in October. On his birthday, Lick Hau Loo presented his wife himself with almost 20kg of weight lost and a leaner physique. Lick Hau Loo is the General Manager and the third generation in the family business Sox World.

What is more important, Lick Hau resting heart rate was averaging at 80bpm before he began working out at the COBC. Now, his resting heart rate is at 45bpm which signified the cardio and vascular improvement that he gained from the program. The COBC program is scientifically design to get the best out of anyone. At COBC, the expert, a group of ex and still serving infantry soldier with more than 20 years of military-inspired bootcamp experience, designed the program for you. COBC merely deliver after customizing the program for Asian built and climax condition.

When Lick Hau joined the COBC, his first month's Benchmark Assessment was 14:41 for the first circuit and 12:00 for the 1 mile run. Yesterday Lick Hau improved the first circuit from 14:41 to 9:27 and his 1 mile run was from 12:00 to 9:40. For your information, 5 seconds faster in Benchmark Assessment is a drastic improvement but 5 minutes faster...? Is really something worth celebrating!

Beside the lighter weight, faster speed, better cardio vascular, Lick Hau's self esteemed and confidence was exponentially elevated. He speaks better, laughed more and now is very ambitious to complete his maiden 42.195km marathon next year at the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2012.

Because of the great significant result Lick Hau is experiencing, he is pleased to offer every COBC bootcamper a 20% discount off normal price merchandise and 10% off sporting brands at all Sox World's 60 shops nationwide including Penang. With immediate effect, whenever you wear your COBC Tee at the Sox World outlets, you will be automatically entitled to the discounts.

To return the compliment, whenever you spends RM50 or more in a single receipt at the Sox world, you will be entitle to a RM50.00 rebate from your COBC RM299 monthly fees.  However, the redemption is only valid within the same month of purchase (date of receipt). To redeem, kindly provide the original receipt from Sox World for a purchase of more than RM50.00 on your first day at the COBC. Sox World is Malaysia biggest chain of socks and undergarment retail chain outlets.

At COBC, you will not only lose those unwanted fat and weight but you can now show off your new look in a killer stockings and underwear every month! Kinky? Woww....

P/s- For more information on all the Sox World locations, Stay Tuned!!

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