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We are ushered into the Islamic new year of Maal Hujrah 1433 with a total of more than 500 new recruits (excluding existing recruits). There are more than 300 new recruits at BU-Alpha, BU-Bravo, USJ1 Sierra, Shah Alam SA-Alpha, Penang PG-Alpha and Penang PG-Bravo. There are another 200 new recruits tomorrow at Subang Jaya USJ1 Charlie, USJ1 Echo, Cyberjaya Charlie, Cyberjaya Echo, Bandar Utama BU-Tango, BU-Yankee. Today and tomorrow are the first days of December programs at 21 different platoons in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang. The Hijrah, which is the emigration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina, marks the start of the new year in the Islamic calendar.

What happen on the first session at the December  CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program? This month is abit extra special compared to other months before!! Why? Beside celebrating the Maal Hijrah 1433, the Christmas and the New Year Calender counting down, there are three (3) other reasons. The first, which was quite obvious was the fact that its the benchmark assessment day. This is D-Day that will determine if we remain in our present rank Ranger, Seal or Delta.. or demoted to a lower rank or upgraded to the elite Delta!! I remember those days when we were recruits, this was a very stressful day. Stressful because we are so super Kiasu that we just have to be nothing else but better! I started out in 2008 as a recruit in Ranger, then went to Delta, then demoted to Seal then back to Delta before being demoted again to Seal and back to Delta but I never missed any benchmark assessment every month After being trained by Chief Brabon at the Bootcamp Academy, there is no other choice thereafter but to maintained in Delta. Delta is the elite rank that if you are ever placed in Delta... You should go out and celebrate!

The benchmark assessment timing result was not at all encouraging when the field was flooded with water and mud. Running on muddy track increases its intensity and does somehow affect the timing precision. Mud or water or dry or clean, recruits at COBC make the best out of it!! This is the important and unique behaviour of COBC recruits. They never whine but just continue to make the best out of anything that I had to create an online survey to know how they really feel.. because we really want to improve our deliverables and we it is just so hard to get any negative remark...

Even when they were covered in mud, they are all smiley and laughing..

Second reason, this month is our first effort to have a Body Composition Analysis done complimentary for all our members. Yes, we hear ya!! You want your fat assessed, we give you iLife Nutritionist. For more details, click HERE. It is our first attempt to provide you with a value added service. There will be a team of about 6 nutritionist that will take your details and analyse the reading from the Body Elements Analysis in particular: 

Body Fat level
Protein level
Inorganic salt
water content

Muscle Fat Analysis:
Weight level
Skeletal muscle
Body Fat

Obesity Analysis  - BMI ( Body Mass Index)
Body Fat Percentage
Waist-hip fat rate
Water rate

We have organised this measurement and nutritionist to be at all our platoons.

* The summary results above will indicate the individual nutritional, weight assessment and obesity analysis. Overall result take approximately 10 minutes per person including consultation.
Otai Joe Liew
Otai Viki Lim
Akin of an orchestra, everybody gathered and queue to have their measurement taken (picture below was at Bandar Utama).

Thirdly, this month is particularly special because recruits from BU platoons (Alpha & Bravo) organised a surprised birthday party for Kenny Lock Weng Heng, Jerry Soon, Daren and recruits at Damansara Heights ZULU organised a surprised birthday party for Otai John Chuah whom turned 21 on 10 November 2011, Ng Seksan 14 November and Ryan Wong on 28 November.

Wennice Chai, Afiza Abdul Halin, Chi Yan Lai, Joey Rajah, Kaf Lai, Anis Ramli that made up the secret society to surprise the birthday boys had a plan..

They secretly decorated the BU VIP room with balloons and food after doing the benchmark assessment!!

When the blow job balloon job was completed, they ushered in Kenny Lock Weng Heng, Jerry Soon and Daren the birthday boys!!

Both Kenny and Jerry were shocked, Wennice Chai conned Kenny into believing that the surprise party was for Jerry Soon and Jerry was pre-informed that the surprise party was for Kenny yadaa yadaa...

and of course, all the birthday boys had to stand up on a chair.. on COBC position, the Squat without pulsing while everybody sang to them the birthday song.

Kenny Lock Heng Weng & Jerry Soon

After all the singing, then it was my working shift... as the Head of Eating department!!

So we makan lah..

At Damansara Heights, after training Angela Loo, the head of DH-Zulu secret society group to surprise Ryan Wong for his birthday.

and Yess.. someone was surprised!!!

Of Course.. Ryan had to be in COBC style.. on squat-hold while everyone sang the birthday song.

But the DH Zulu had another position.. the table tops!!

At COBC, recruits are not just funny but they.. err... have funny faces?

That was a good start for the December session. Although the field was not encouraging but the spirit ran high in every old, present and new recruits. First session down, eleven more to go!!


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