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We were excited to learn that Shawn Russel from OBC, Cogee beach platoon in Australia is here in Kuala Lumpur for a meeting and we were expecting to have the Cogee Delta at Bandar Utama this morning until he discovered that he left his shoe back in Australia....Shawn Russel ended up doing inferno at the hotel instead and we had a funtabulous session with the Bermuda Triangle Square-angle... Why the name? because from a four straight rank in square shape.. slowly one by one begining with Uncle John Chuah slowly secretly disappeared to the back stalling?.. Oops.. Sorry ar uncle, cant help but to picked on you... you so pick-able!! No.. today's circuit codename: Turntable tabata!

What did Shawn Russel missed today? a heckuvalot. For one, we had a new sort of punishment for late-comers. Yes, we hear ya (online feedback form)... the usual squat pulses were replaced with T'Dance, Lunge pulses. Waa not just the name sounds sexier but the supposed punishment will give us hotter ass and shoulder!! Asked and you shall get. Thank you to the two late-comers, don't we all feel sexier this morning. I dont know what is the real name called but I created the name T'dance lunge pulses because the hands stretch (on double arm distance form) mimicked a T'shape.

How does this  Turntable tabata works? We formed via four sides, a square shape with each side occupied by recruits of different ranks from Ranger, Seal and Delta. Each side focussed on different muscle group. The Delta began with Cardio workout on Side-A, Side B did core muscle, Side C-shoulder and Side-D  had the Legs. The objectives of the workout was to introduced and corrected recruits forms and technique while targeting specific muscle group. These workout is a foreplay at the COBC but many already had their orgasm. Please do not missed any session as the main-course is yet to come!! At the COBC, you can never predict what is next in menu.

What else did Shawn  Russel missed? Beside the Turntable-tabata, a surprised birthday party of our recruits Lorrine C Xavier. This surprise bash was organised by Wennice Chai whom sms'ed me yesterday to asked our team to attend to make the surprised memorable..... and there will be sinful delicacies served!!! aiiks.. my department!! Makan! Shawn Russel will be joining us this friday at Bandar Utama Alpha.

I left home after Alpha to send Aaraf to GIS, had a good hot shower while the Bravo turnterbalik with tabata and arrived just in the nick of time to surprised the birthday girl!!

Of course when we all sing, the birthday girl had to be in position the COBC way!! on Squat Hold!!

All the hundreds of calories burnt was immediately replaced with .... MAKANSUTRA!!

There were so much food and so many people that they had to wait for their turn to eat..

Boobcamp Bootcamp babes.. 

Jamie Oh, Afiza Abdul Halin and..

Anis Ramli: Mmm.. yummm.. food is so so good....

Melvin Chong Hsien Loong was jealous with all the food? and went all tantrum on the floor?

 Lance Corporal (COBC) Wan & LC Suresh.. Officer on deck?!
on duty... cannot makan? or queuing...?

Maybe queuing for Staff Sarge (COBC) (P) Dann to finish eating?

Raja Affandi Jamaludin

Wennice Chai and Kenny Lock Weng Heng
Where can you find the best crowd that does not just motivate you to workout but also to eat? 
 and always make you smile and laugh.

You can only get it at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia



P/s- we welcome Shawn Russel to BU-Alpha this Friday. This friday too, HYPP TV will also be shooting us at Bandar Utama. So ladies and men.. dont forget to put on your make-up while training!!

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