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After sending out on random sampling 500 online feedback form to immediate-past  and present recruit yesterday and although we are still receiving feedback but those that we can act upon now, we shall do so now! We hear ya.. !!

One of the many suggestions received was to have a support group when recruit is in doubt and needed help to further their goals, to understand certain rationale for some workout forms and even to clearly understand the correct technique and forms. At the COBC, we view forms and technique very seriously and discounting or cheating in forms and technique is a crime at COBC. Online Support group is important and a committee has been establish and entrusted to develop the support. However, as an immediate temporary measure, we have fixed a "Q&A LIVE-SESSION" at our COBC-Facebook PAGE at HERE.

The main panelist is COBC Staff Sarge (P) Dann and Sarge (P) Boon cscs. Click HERE for Staff Sarge Dann's profile and HERE for Sarge Boon's profile. All COBC instructors and admin are also available for any inquiries. The LIVE session will only be available for 1 hour, so please pre-prepare your questionnaires before hand. We welcome all questions or doubts or inquiries whether on health, food, diet, forms or shoes but not on handbags ya.
The only move forward, is through your constructive feedback and comments. For other suggestions and recommendations, rest assure we are working on it!! See ya online tomorrow!!!


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