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Should we wait for the new year for a new car with a new manufacturer year printed on its excise and vehicle registration card? or should we buy a car now and lost 1 year of depreciation value is amongst those dilemma faced by car buyer every year as the year coming to an end. Contrary to popular belief that many buyer would wait for the new year, this last quarter is actually the best period to buy!! Why? because of these three factor, year-end sale is an opportunity not to be missed.

1. Because car manufacturers/distributors want to secure their market share and the automotive Total Industry Volume (TIV) only records vehicle registered ending 31 December.

2. Because vehicle manufacturer/distributor would not want to carry forward vehicle with excise bearing a year old car because of factor no 3 below.

3. Because of the myth that car buyer would wait for the new year to avoid unnecessary depreciation value. In reality, the depreciation value is subjective and actually dependent on the financial credibility of the person buying the car. If his financial credibility is strong, the said car can fetch a higher margin of finance and vice-versa if the financial track record is not strong. This is what determines the value of the car (used car). Of course, it is also subjected to overall supply and demand but in a nutshell, new car buyer would usually hang on to a new car for at least five years before replacing the car (due to the longer period of finance). Majority would look for the best bargain now and is less concern with the value 5 years from today and the best bargain for the year is towards the year end!!... which is NOW!

So, what does PROTON has to offer coming to this calender year end? Yes!!! Kick @ss price!! Only for limited period and limited stocks. All discounts below is applicable for all registration up to NOVEMBER irrespective of booking dates.

SAGA FL STANDARD and EXECUTIVE auto and manual - DISCOUNT up to RM2,200

SAGA OLD N-Line Basic Manual - DISCOUNT up to RM1,300

HL - RM1,000 + 1 year free service*
ML Manual - RM1,400
ML Auto - RM1,000
BL Manual - RM1,200
BL Auto - RM700
 *1 Year E-Service Voucher worth RM760.00
For 1,000km, 5,000km, 10,000km - Free Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Drain Plug Gasket.
For 20,000km free Free Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Drain Plug Gasket, Spark Plug, Air Filter, Radiator Coolant, Labour.

HL - RM2,000 + 1 Year Free Service*
ML Manual - RM1,000
ML Auto - RM1,000
BL Manual - RM500

*1 Year E-Service Voucher worth RM785.00
For 1,000km, 5,000km, 10,000km - Free Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Drain Plug Gasket.
For 20,000km free Free Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Drain Plug Gasket, Spark Plug, Air Filter, Radiator Coolant, Labour.

1.8 MT - RM2,500 + 2 Years Free Service*
1.8 CVT - RM2,500 + 2 Years Free Service*
2.0 CVT - RM2,500 + 2 Years Free Service*

*1 Year E-Service Voucher worth RM1,550.00
For 1,000km, 10,000km, 20,000km, 30,000, 50,000 - Free Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Drain Plug Gasket.
For 40,000km free Free Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Drain Plug Gasket, Spark Plug, Air Filter, Radiator Coolant, Labour.

To test drive and/or to book a PROTON, please contact our professional Sales Advisors:

1) Tiun Tze Khiong (0162099821)
2) Mahadi Abdul Aziz (019-3623649)
3) Zaimi Bin Zakaria (012-368 7455)
4) Abdul Razak Abdul Rahim (019-729 8442)
5) Mohd Shariff bin Abdul 012-357 5341)
6)Mohd Fizan Bin Mat Saad (013-251 5858)
7) Nik Mohd Azan Raja Berahim (019-271 3414)
8) Nor Fairu Azwan bin Mamat (012-346 5001)
9) Farez Farezaq bin Othman (019-304 8989)
10) Mohd Shukri bin Haron (017-288 1761)
11) Halim bin Bawi (013-208 5284)
12) Hazmi bin Kasiran (019-660 7739)
13) Wan Mahdzuan Wan Mahmood (019-966 9664)
14) Wan Mazelina Ahmad (019-310 0096)
15) Zul Hisham bin Mohammad (013-330 1718)
16) Muthazam bin Mohd Nor (013-226 2220)
17) Kamarul Ariffin Lo bin Lo Ngoon Ting (012-235 8992)

No matter where you are, we will be there at your doorstep.



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