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After months of deliberation and attending to various interviews after interview to find the right candidate, CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) had finally expanded our wing to Penang on 31st October 2011 after establishing a strong chemistry with former Asia No 2 best Karate Champion Cheah Boon Chong cscs!! Getting the right people was never an easy task. Even the man who was responsible for Malaysia's phenomenal growth, Malaysia 4th Prime Minister YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad too, had made some wrong decision in getting the right man. Small people like us, bears a higher risk. After carefully assessing Cheah Boon Chong (cscs)'s credentials and most importantly his passion in what we at the COBC belief, we wrote and spoke to Chief Brabon detailing our candidate's capability and after various discussions and online conference with Australia, Cheah Boon Chong cscs was made Penang's Platoon Commander with the COBC rank and COBC nickname "Sarge (COBC) (P) Boon". We are pleased to welcome Sarge Boon into our family at the COBC.

Sarge Boon has 3 years of experience as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and exercise physiologist for young athletes in the industry having been attached to the National Sports Institute of Malaysia. At the National Sports Institute of Malaysia, Sarge Boon was responsible for the designing and implementation of strength and conditioning programs for elite, state and grass root athletes as well as for the development of elite performance team project. He also develops and collect Malaysia state elite athlete physical assessment norms. Upon accepting Sarge Boon into the COBC fraternity, Sarge Boon was exposed to COBC Standard Operation Procedures, terminology and methodology for a fix period with Staff Sarge (COBC) (P) Dann before he was assessed at the field as a platoon commander in Damansara Heights and Subang jaya.

Sarge Boon graduated with Honours with a Bachelor in Sports Science degree from the University Malaya in 2004 majoring in Exercise Physiology and minor in the Science of Coaching. He obtained a CGPA of 3.56/4.00 and in 2006 Cheah Boon Chong was awarded the Varsity Blue Award (University Colour), Special Sports Award as well as appointed the Captain of the South East Asian University Karate Team. In 2008, he was awarded the poster presentation for effects of 6-weeks Morinda Citrifolia Supplementation of Physiological Profile of U - 19, Negeri Sembilan Male Soccer Player in the Danga Bay International Games Convention. He was also awarded the Excellence in Academic and Sports Award in the same year.

Sarge Boon had attended various conferences that are both beneficial for our team and as well as our recruit. Among those conferences attended were the 4th ISN Sports Medicine and Sports Science International Conference (2006), Fasting and Sustainable Health Conference "the Science of Fasting" (2010), International Conference on Integration of Sports Industry (ICISI) (2011), ISN Sports medicine and Sports Science International Conference (2011) and the National Academy of Sports Science International Conference (2011).

Sarge Boon is also a member of National Strength and Conditioning Association and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). His passion in Sports dated way back in year 2000 when he first won the Silver medal for Malaysia Karate Junior Championship in Alor Setar. In 2001, Sarge Boon continued his passion and won 2 medals at the Malaysia Karate Junior Championship in Penang and Malaysia Karate Senior Championship in Kajang. Sarge Boon competed in SUKMA IX, Sabah and won his first GOLD in year 2002. He also won GOLD at the Sukan Integrasi Johor in Johor Bharu. In the same year, he competed at the Malaysia Karate Junior Championship in Sabah and Malaysia, Karate Senior Championship in Seremban and won Gold and Silver medal respectively. Sarge Boon competed internationally in the same year and proudly brought back a Bronze medal at the Indonesia Open, Jakarta (INDONESIA), Silver at the 6th Asia Karate Federation Junior & Cadet Championship in Tokyo (JAPAN) and was a quarter-finalist at the World karate Federation Championship in Madrid (SPAIN).

In 2003, Sarge Boon won GOLD at the Australia Open in Tasmania (AUSTRALIA), GOLD at the 2nd Commonwealth Karate Championship in Machester (ENGLAND), GOLD at the World Hayashi-ha Karate Champion in Karlstard (SWEDEN), Silver at 22nd SEA Games in VIETNAM, GOLD AT Malaysia Karate Junior Championship in Ipoh and won 1st round at the World Karate Federation Junior and Cadet Championship.

IN 2004, Sarge Boon won GOLD at the SUKMA X, Negeri Sembilan, GOLD at Sukan Integrasi Johor, GOLD at Malaysia Karate Junior Championship in Seremban and GOLD in Malaysia Karate Senior Championship in Selangor.

In 2005, Sarge Boon competed and won GOLD at the 3rd Commonwealth Karate Championship in Wellington (NEW ZEALAND), Silver at the 1st Islamic Solidarity Games, SAUDI ARABIA, GOLD at Malaysia Karate Senior Championship in Labuan, GOLD at 2nd Malaysia Open in Kuala Lumpur and bronze at the 23rd SEA Games in Cebu, PHILIPPINES.

In 2006, Sarge Boon won GOLD at the Malaysia Karate Senior Championship in Melaka, 1st round at the World Karate Federation Championship in Helsinki (FINLAND) and the 4th placing at the South East Asia University Games in VIETNAM.

In 2007, Sarge Boon again won GOLD at the Malaysia Karate Senior Championship in Selangor, Silver at the 8th Asia Karate Championship in Negeri Sembilan and Bronze at the 24th SEA Games in Korat (THAILAND).

In 2008, Sarge Boon again won GOLD at the KOREA Open in Busan (Korea), 4th placing in KOBE Osaka International in Latina (ITALY), 4th placing at the Istanbul Open in TURKEY, GOLD at the Malaysia Karate Championship in Johor and GOLD at the South East Asia University Games in Kuala Lumpur.

SARGE BOON has made Malaysia proud.. and COBC is proud to have him!! and he is MINE .. OURS YOURS in Penang!!!



  1. despite all the achievements, he still a humble, kind heart person, supporting and always there to help.
    Really proud to be under his command in Penang COBC.

  2. You are so right Sam. I could not agree more with you!! HOOYAH!!


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