If ever you are exhausted of ideas on where to eat.. or feels like experimenting food... or do not know what to eat.. you can send SOS to the food-finder Sarge (COBC) Boon!!! If ever there are excess food to eat.. do not put it to waste, call COBC Food-Slut USJ1-Delta Tan Wee Liam. If ever there are good food to share... you know where to find me!! I completely trust Sarge Boon's taste in food having put on a few kilograms in weight everytime Sarge Boon introduced us to a new dining place and again, my trip to Penang ended with a big huge hooyah feast.

Shortly before bidding farewell to Penang after officiating its Convent Green Lane School alumni and attending Penang COBC party, we crossed the longest bridge in Malaysia and the fourth longest in Southeast Asia to 104, Jalan Permatang Tengah, 12300 Butterworth. For location map, see below:

It was quite a distance drive from Hard Rock Hotel to the Khun Thai Restaurant but we made it there within 30 minutes drive on an empty stomach.

Sarge Boon placed the order!! With him around, we only need to prepare our stomach!!

Fried Lala

Pandan Leaves chicken

Hot and spicy tomyam seafood

Som tam (Thai rojak)

Otak Otak!!

Steam Fish

In less than err...... 5 minutes without 'stalling', all food just disappeared!!?

Its true.. Size is secondary!! I do not understand how Ody & Staff-Sarge's size can digest 10x my portion!!

All that food for only RM130!! The Khun Thai restaurant has 2 other branches in Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya and Kepong.

I took Ody and Staff-Sarge Dann for a joyride in conjunction with Staff Sarge recently proposed marriage to Ody just the night before.

They are both so lucky!! 
 to have me to drive them around..

Sarge Boon!! Where is the next stop for MAKANSUTRA!


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