Due to some 'take for granted' habit, we missed the Energizer Night race registration and a week before the race, we sent out an SOS cry on Facebook for anyone who registered but chicken-ed out from running... sort of seek blackmarket bib-registration.

The SOS was heard by Cynthia Gan SSJ, Shobha Bala & my cousin Oyin Nazlin. Cynthia Gan SSJ exhausted all effort but could not get us a bib (thanks Cyinthia SSJ for the effort) but both Shobha Bala and Oyin Nazlin managed to get me a 10km and 21km bibs (2 bibs).

I now have the option to either be Edgar Gwilliam Phang for a 10km run (M12252) or Shahrizan running 21km (H8309).

I do not know them both... but I am grateful that they both Chickened-Out last minute and gave me this opportunity to run my third race this year. I have another 9 races to complete and achieve my 2010 new year resolution.

I am so tempted to run the 21km... but the little voices from Dr Aston Ngai Seng Huey, my physio that asked me to reduced the mileage and only attempt a maximum 10km run in any races, kept playing in my head.

The registration came with a gorgeous white running Vest which I was suppose to received together with the BIB but Shahrizan decided to keep the vest and sold me the running bib for RM15 instead. Edgar on the other hand, gave me the vest but its a size LARGE.

After much deliberation juggling between desire and practical, I brought both bibs to the Multimedia University where the Energizer Night race will be held... still indecisive. It was very difficult to give-in to desire....

We were lost and late at Cyberjaya... the road/path that was suppose to bring us into Cyberjaya was closed and did not know how else to get into Cyberjaya.. we drove and arrived at Putrajaya instead.

Somehow, after almost 45 minutes of getting lost, the landmark Dell was infront of us (didnt know how we got there) and we arrived at Car Park 1 at 7:30pm where we waited for the shuttle-bus to the Multimedia University.

The reporting time for 21km was at 7:30pm and start-time at 8pm. The reporting time for 10km run was at 8:30pm and start time at 9:00pm.

"10km!!! I'll do the 10km for this night race..." I finally decided and told Nawal. Damn it was a hard decision to make. We took the shuttle bus and arrived at the starting point inside the Multimedia University at 7:45pm and was instructed to collect a gorgeous Head-Light.

The event was very lively. There were Kompang group, Chinese drummers as well as a concert but we arrived late to actually browse through all the pre-prepared agenda.

The Energizer Night Marathon was the first 'run-in-the-dark-with-head-light' race. The street lights were switched off for about 2km especially for this... sort of powered by ENERGIZER BATTERY!!! which was unique and One-of-a Kind. I love that concept. The scenic at the flag-off was beautiful... so dark and so full of lights.

The Starting Point for Flag-off

Everybody gathered with their Head lights on waiting for the flag-off..

Stupendous view.. reminds me of the younger days partying in-an open air disco (picture taken with my Blackberry 9700 handphone)

On Your Mark, Get set... 3...2...1.... GO!!!! 
The race began..

The race was flagged-off... I played my iPod tuning to a collection of HINDUSTAN SONG.. This hindustan song was ciplak-ed from the Hindustan dance class at the Fitness First gym... 4 years ago? It was my signature collection for a 10km run. I did not understand a thing what it says... but the first lyric of the first song sounded something like this.... "Daya daya dayya dei (3x), hashekamiri ne ne tuche tia kia dei...." or something like that... but I luuurve the tempo which is not so fast and not so slow for my running-stride to follow.

We ran for approximately 2 km without any street lights... and powered only by Energizer battery Head lights. After 2km, the street lights were back..........

We reach the first water station as I was listening to another Hindi song that goes something like this..."Naader.. naader.. nanna na nanna na nader.. nader nader... nanna der nanna der nanna der na na dir (2x).. badso dami kami ka... bad so dami kami ka badeso.. nitta he kosahe barish kabosahe bo kosahe kosahe barish....... Does that make sense.. Dont ask me what it means or what was the title.. I havent a clue. but really syiok la this song...

As I hydrate myself with 3 cups of water, I turned  and spotted... VINOD KUMAR... Shobha's darling kiasu husband.

Even the Tong Sampah aka dustbin was powered by the Energizer... A real high-budget and good marketing event!!

There were many water-stations but the marathoners complained the water supplies ran out towards the end.... 

Half way through the run, there were fire brigade pouring water to cool us down...!!! EXCELLENT! I love it...

Thank you Mr Fireman... and big thumbs up to the organiser.. I took a short shower... I mean.. I really took a shower.. without the shampoo and soap. Running at night was very hot and dry..... but I did not mind it at all as long as there is no sun.

Spotted YAHYA UZIR!!! A friend I've known for more than 10 years. Yahya is the Senior Manager at Proton Edar and is a Virgin runner. The Energizer race was Yahya Uzir's first 10km run and I hope he will continue running. Bro.. the next race is the Orange 10km Run on 25 April 2010.. I hope to see you there!

p/s- I did not know running can effect the nose.. I usually wear plaster on my knee... 


Viki is from Bootcamp PJ Bravo.. Thank you for introducing yourself Viki. Vicky Lim is the sister to LIZI LIM.. an old friend (almost long lost) from the Fitness First. Lizi Lim and her husband Hin Tong Loong was our training buddies at the gym. Lizi is now pregnant and is due for delivery in... 2 weeks!!! GAWD this women is damn kiasu.. Lizi, you should stay home and not night-outing at marathons. Viki, her husband, Hin Tong and Lizi were all running tonight. Hin Tong Loong... is a many many many times Ironman finisher!! His insane training includes running and cycling under the hottest sun in the afternoon which he did invite me.. Err with failure.. I HATE THE SUN!! Hin Tong is indeed an inspiration to many... super duper fit and fast!!

1 km before the finishing line....... there were CHEER LEADERS!!! SCREAMING GO GO GO GO!!!

I sprinted the last 1km as I listen to the Hindustan song that went something like this........ its a mixture english and hindustan.. "Dr Love cajust come running cant you see that I am in pain.. Babu.. Mira babuje chabila meh tuna jumi... haa mira balmaharam maramila meh tunajumi... (something like that)... and crossed the finishing line in...... cant really remember the exact time but i think around 1 hour 16 minutes.. I waited by the finishing line for others to arrived but felt too thirsty and left to the Goodie bag counter. It was a half an hour queue before I could collect the finisher medal and some goodies. If there is any 'Slack' in the race tonight, it must be the GOODIE BAG COUNTER.. There were a few kilometer of queue and there was only one-'Checker-er' (dont bother looking-up for the word in dictionary) at the entrance of the goodie bag counter. 

The half an hour of queue & wait was worth it.. no wonder the Checker-er was guarding the goodie bag so tight..  Inside the goodie bag there were....

FINISHER MEDAL!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

After collecting the goodie bag, I went back to wait for others at the finishing line and met Vinod Kumar queuing for his finisher medal and goodie bag but forgotten to take his picture. On the way back to finishing line, spotted Kok Pooi Hoe, my cycling group many years back. Pooi Hoe nickednamed 'melayu' with his more melayu look than me was in our group when we cycle all the way from PJ to Port Dickson. It was one of our craziest endeavor.

As I walked to the finishing line to wait for Nawal Aini and others, spotted Chun Chia Kai SSJ whom completed his 21km run in 2 hours and 4 minutes. That was damn fast but this super duper Bootcamp KL ALpha Delta was still disappointed. He had a bet with us, if he completed the 21km run sub-2 hours, LC Sarah Stone will do 40 Grunts but if he fail, he must performed 40 grunts on Monday.......... So Congratulation LC Sarah Stone. You won the bet!!!

SPOTTED too.. my old friend Micheal Lee, a property agent at Kinrara, Puchong whom was there with his whole family to support his wife... bib number P14662.

Spotted as well........ my old school mate from BBBSS.. RIZAL....

This was his first 10km run....

Congratulatoin Rizal.. I hope to see you in more races.

As I wait for Nawal Aini, Spotted Hin Tong Loong, his almost-explode wife Lizi Lim, Lizi's sister Viki Lim from PJ Bravo.

Also SPOTTED and posed with Irwan Anuar, Kenny Smith, Michelle Smith, Marcus Jau Chan from the Bootcamp KL Alpha. Both KENNY & MICHELLE SMITH completed their 21km race together in 2 hours 24 Minutes. Irwan Anuar completed his 21km in 2 hours 23 minutes. Marcus completed his 10km in 54 minutes.

Spotted Ili Liyana Baharon who was late at the race and ran with her changing luggage. Ili completed her run in 1 hour 30 minutes.. Well Done Ili!!!

A shortwhile later........ SPOTTED Shobha Bala, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and Peggy Hoegh whom together-gether completed the race in 2 hours 36 minutes. Peggy flew all the way from Singapore but had to abandon race due to her knee-problem and passed her 21km BIB to Aisan Lim whom ran and completed her race in 2 hours 4 5minutes. I did not meet Aisan Lim.

Before leaving back home, we met Benny, Victor and Shane from PJ Alpha... 

Thank you Victor for stopping by and said Hi.. I hope to see you at the March Bootcamp Graduation brunch. 

We quickly left back home to empty our bladder. The Queue to the 'little-room' was too long and I already 'hydrated' the surrounding trees a few times... errr okaay too much information.

The overall race was good.. but there were a few comments from some runners that can be taken positively to improve future event. The top priority.. was the water station that ran out of water!!! Somehow, this is a recurring problem everytime the Pacesetter club became the Organiser. It is very important to ensure sufficient water supply at every water station. The distance from the finishing-line to the nearest water counter was also too far...

The inaccurate mileage marker!! Most new runners pace and preserve their energy according to the mileage ran. With an inaccurate mileage marker, runners may burned-out when the distance was further than marked. The marshall too had mis-informed runners by screaming 3km to finishing line when it was actually more than 5km to the finishing end.

The confusing Starting and finishing point!!! The finishing line was over-crowded by people that the runners could not sprint to the end. The lane to cross the finishing end was also too narrow with only a few lanes causing bad traffic and  runners had to walk and queue instead to cross the finishing line..

Last but not least, the goodie-bag claim counter should be attended-to by more marshals. The queue was too long and alot of time wasted just to collect the goodie-bag.

These were minor hick-ups that can be easily improved. I look forward to more ENERGIZER RACES.

Until next time.......... Stay tune...



  1. Cheer bro! Thanks for the mention and let's do the rest of the races this year andyears to come.

    Bravo to all finishers and those participated! Great seeing you guys again!

  2. Pooi Hoe...
    YESSSSIRE!!! since I cant do more than 10km due to some 'defect'.. lets do all 10km anywhere anytime.. :-D

    Glad that you are back in action..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Bro, do you run with a camera in hand always!...SALUTE lah...

    Anyway, you guys inspire me with excellent timings...w.i.g.u.i.w.t.j.l.u. guys!

  5. RJ,
    I run with one camera in one hand and the other hand with iPod (to vary the music tempo).. :-)

    Timing is secondary bro...... its participating, run without giving up and crossing the finishing line that matters the most.. :-)

  6. Thanks Armin for the picture...

    the plaster was given before the race and since it was my maiden run needed all the help to ensure I completed the race but all it does is to weigh me down by 2g…. (tu yg buat slow tu…. hehe)….

    Me too an ex BBian (class 0f ’84)

    BTW great blog…. Enjoyed reading it……

  7. Yahya..

    Yaaa.. I am sure the plaster was at least 2kg!! kikikiiii

    1984' huh.... You are my super senior xBB...!!

    Thank you for the support. So I shall see you soon on most runs.. Click on my running picture on the left collumn on this blog for the 2010 Race calender (also listed some MTB events)... Next race will be the MPSJ, orange BHP or the Bidor.. lets run the Orange BHP @ the curve.

    See ya & stay tune......

  8. Hi Armin!

    Your writings are such a great read! I was laughing reading that you listen to lagu hindustan while running! LOL! I should try that out too!

    I have to agree that misinforming the runners on how much further it is was such a turn off! I was running dgn bersemangat thinking that it was 2KM more but noooo.. it seemed like forever!

    But I have to give it to RJ for having inspired me to finish the damn half marathon, which was not easy for a big girl like me who runs like kura-kura.. huhU! I havent met the man, but if you read this, please know that you're such an inspiration (i read your 42-km journey at the Putrajaya Night Marathon).

    Thanks again Armin, for writing, and nice new layout too! :)

  9. Oh the comment above was by me, Syuhada.


  10. Syuhada,

    thank you for the email and I am glad to hear you finished the half marathon!!

    RJ is an inspiration to many people.. especially with his hard-core determination.

    I am proud to be surrounded by passionate people and please do not stop running.. keep the momentum going and soon you can call yourself a MARATHONER!! trust me... it is a goal worth dying for... (BIG SMILE)

  11. Entertaining write up on the ER Armin :) The hindi song lyrics sounds like a japanese song..LOL Anyway, congrats! Btw, how to carry cameras during a run ah? I tried carrying my camera during my jog, but so susah, very uncomfortable plus my sweat. Must get the tips from the Pro Camwhorer :P

  12. Megaa..

    The hindi song lyric doesnt make sense? hehehheee...

    Japanese? ROTFLOL

    I dont usually carry my camera when Rose Emini is around.. but in her absent, I have to multi-task.. running and camwhoring! :-p

  13. hey i didnt know u ran 10km! :) great decision for ur legs i bet ... hehee

    no wonder didnt see u after the race .... glad u njoyed ur run and hope to see more of u soon!



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